Lending Bee® Singapore Corporate Social Responsibility

We cannot choose the circumstances that we are born into, but we can choose to make the best out of them.

At Lending Bee®, we believe that the greatest gift lies in giving and not receiving. Apart from providing loans to help individuals tide through tumultuous times, we also pride ourselves in supporting a myriad of organisations, and in the process, play our part in giving back to society. Lending Bee seeks to continuously assist charitable organisations in their efforts to ameliorate the conditions and living circumstances of individuals.

Charity Organisation

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS)

CPAS is a social service organisation founded in 1957 to support children and adults with cerebral palsy or multiple disabilities. This is done through engaging them in rehabilitation services, day care activities, workshops and vocational training. All in an effort for them to realise their full potential and lead meaningful lives. Apart from inpatient services, CPAS also provides outpatient care and therapy to those who are unable to travel. Presently, CPAS provides support to over 700 clients from a few months old to 55 years old.  

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