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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply, and how fast can I receive the money?

In the comfort of your home or office, from application to obtaining the maximum loan amount and loan tenure, our brand new 3-step flow via our online / mobile application will see you from start to finish. If you are satisfied with the terms, just simply set an appointment at your preferred branch, sign the contract and the money will be passed to you in cash or cheque on the spot.

Alternatively, you can also head down to any of our branches and speak directly to our friendly loan officers, whom you will be able to consult on your loan application.

I don’t have a fixed income. Can I still get a loan?

If you are an entrepreneur, taxi driver or is simply paid based on commission, do not worry. Lending Bee offers loans to you as well. All we need is your last two income tax returns so that we can calculate an average monthly earning amount which will help us determine the loan amount you qualify for.  

I have taken loans with other banks before and I have a poor credit score. Can I still get a loan?

Banks often turn away customers with poor credit scores. At Lending Bee, we do not reject you immediately because of a low credit score.

We will always evaluate each case individually and try to understand the applicant’s situation. If we find that your current financial situation has improved, we will still provide a loan to you. Unlike most banks and lending companies, Lending Bee aims to help as many people as possible.

I already have a loan with a bank, can I still apply for a new loan?

Over the past few years, more and more Singaporeans are taking up two or more loans. Statistics have shown that there was an increase of 78% of borrowers who have at least two mortgages and other loans. Most individuals have a home loan and a study loan. If you require more financial help, you can still apply for a loan.

At Lending Bee, we are always willing and ready to help our customers. However, that does not mean that we will be irresponsible and force clients to take up huge loans that are tough to repay and end up straining their wallets further.

Lending Bee evaluates customers’ situations responsibly and will only loan an amount that is suitable or affordable for the clients.

How do I know that this is not a scam?

Police records have shown that there has been an increase in e-commerce scams, internet love scams, government official impersonation scams and lastly, loan scams over the years. There were thousands of cases and millions of dollars of hard-earned money were cheated.

According to the Ministry of Law, licensed moneylenders are not allowed to offer loan services through SMS / Whatsapp / Emails or request money as a deposit. They are only allowed to promote their products in business or consumer directories, websites belonging to the moneylender and advertisements placed within and on the exterior of the moneylender’s physical shop.

Lending Bee strictly adheres to the rules set by the Ministry of Law and does not promote our products through any unauthorised platforms. We are also responsible borrowers who do not force customers to take on loans that they cannot afford.

Click here to identify the signs of a loan scam and how to never become a victim.

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