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We offer unsecured overseas education loans up to $300,000 SGD with longer loan tenures to provide you with one of the best loans in town.

Overseas Education Loan Singapore

What is an Overseas Education Loan?

The idea of furthering your studies overseas can be extremely thrilling. Your child gets to experience a different life out of Singapore, meet new friends and more importantly, experience what it is like to study in well-known institutions across the globe.

All this excitement also comes at a hefty cost. Overseas education costs go well into the six figures, and few can afford this just from their pocket.

This is why an overseas education loan can be a huge lifesaver.

An overseas education loan is a form of an education loan which helps your child  fulfil his / her dreams of studying overseas. You will be able to use it to cater to your child’s tuition fees and living expenses overseas, amongst other things.

This way, your child will receive the education that they have always dreamed of, and you can pay for that education slowly over time.

Benefits of an Overseas Education Loan with Lending Bee®

Our overseas education loan stands out as we provide our borrowers with a wide range of unique benefits.

Better and improved
credit scores

loan tenures

Ease of application
and approval


FAQ on Lending Bee's Overseas Education Loans

Frequently Asked Questions

An overseas education loan functions in about the same way as an education / study loan would. 

The difference is that an overseas education loan is specifically tailored to cater for any spends that might occur during your time overseas. 

These include your tuition fees and living expenses (food, accommodation, utilities, travel, etc.).

With so much to account for and being in a foreign land, an overseas education loan can help you take care of your overseas living and studying costs, while you better assimilate into life overseas.

With a local education loan, you will be able to cover for the following, but not limited to:

  • Tuition fees
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Transport
  • Travel
  • Airline fares
  • Computer / laptop
  • Textbooks
  • Software licences
  • Special courses and training opportunities

The three main differentiating factors between our overseas education loan compared to banks are:

  • Speed
  • Ease of application
  • Service rendered

We believe in providing you with a personal loan in the shortest time possible. 

This is why we have streamlined our borrowing process into 3 simple steps. 

Moreover, we do not go through rigorous credit checks and also do not require much paperwork. 

Ultimately, our experienced loan officers will be there to guide you on the best overseas education loan package for your needs and provide professional advice. This is so that you’ll be able to fulfil your dreams of studying overseas and living independently. 

This is the top destination for Singaporean students going to study overseas due to its proximity to Singapore and large Asian culture.

Undergraduate education generally starts at $30,000 a year for international students. 

This number will generally be higher for technical courses relating to science, medicine or law.

Below is a table depicting the average cost of a Bachelor Of Arts degree in the more popular Australian Universities:

Australian Universities Annual Tuition Fees
University of MelbourneAUD 33,824 – AUD 38,564 (S$34,685 – S$39,542)
Monash UniversityAUD 33,000 (S$33,845)
RMITAUD 32,640 – AUD 42,624 (S$33,475 – S$43,714)
University of SydneyAUD 40,500 – AUD 46,000 (S$41,534 – S$47,175)
University of New South WalesAUD 37,230 (S$38,176)
University of Western AustraliaAUD 33,000 (S$33,845)

*Tuition fees and currency exchange are as of 12 January 2021

This is another preferred destination for people looking for an overseas degree because of its high-ranking Universities and how it acts as the gateway to Europe.

Below is the cost of the average annual tuition fees you can expect to pay as an international student:

UK Universities Annual Tuition Fees
University College London (UCL)UK £23,300 – UK £31,200 (S$41,839 – S$56,024)
Imperial College LondonUK £33,750 – UK £34,500 (S$60,592 – S$61,951)
University of CambridgeUK £22,227 – UK £33,825 (S$39,913 – S$60,734)
University of OxfordUK £26,770 – UK £37,510 (S$48,067 – S$67,335)

*Tuition fees and currency exchange are as of 12 January 2021

This is another preferred destination for people looking for an overseas degree because of its high-ranking Universities and how it acts as the gateway to Europe.

Below is the cost of the average annual tuition fees you can expect to pay as an international student:

USA Universities Tuition Fees
University of ChicagoUS $57,642 (S$76,625)
California Institute of TechnologyUS $54,570 (S$72,647)
Harvard University
US $51,904 (S$69,110)
Stanford UniversityUS $55,473 (S$73,858)
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyUS $53,790 (S$71,610)

*Tuition fees and currency exchange are as of 12 January 2021

To qualify for an overseas education loan for your child with Lending Bee®, you’ll simply have to:

  • Be a Singapore Citizen, Permanent Resident or a Foreigner with a valid work permit
  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Be permanently employed for at least 3 months

For Singaporeans / PRs:

  • Proof of identity (NRIC, passport)
  • Proof of income (CPF / bank statements)
For Foreigners
  • Work Permit / S Pass / E Pass
  • Proof of residence (Utility bills, phone bills, tenancy agreement, etc.)
  • Payslips / bank statements

At Lending Bee®, all applications for our overseas education loans are kept fast and simple. 

  • Step 1: Submit your application via our online application form.
  • Step 2: We will drop you a call regarding your loan application status within the hour.
  • Step 3: Head down to your selected Lending Bee® branch, sign the contract and receive your loan.

We will disburse the funds to you immediately after you have accepted and signed our loan contract at any of our branches

Yes, it is possible. However, do note that the loan will be subjected to approval, and it cannot be used to refinance your current loan(s).

Yes, you can still apply for an overseas education loan with us. We aim to help our borrowers regardless of their credit scores. 

This is why we do not have specific restrictions with regard to credit scores.

No, we do not charge any fees for early loan repayments. 

Outstanding interests, if any, will also be nullified once you have finished repaying your loan earlier than the date stipulated in your loan contract.

No, we do not mail any of your loan information to your home. 

All loan details will be kept digital, and private with us, unless a physical copy is requested.

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Fast Cash Disbursement

Head down to your selected Lending Bee® branch, sign the loan contract and receive your money instantly.

Our Latest Customer Reviews (Mar 2021 Update)

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Christie Lim
Mar, 2021
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Andy and Yuan Xi are friendly and informative and professional. The process was smooth and fast. This company offers term payment loans for larger amounts.
Lee JR
Feb, 2021
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Taken an urgent loan from Ms Amanda and was very pleased in her prompt service and she was definitely responsive in all the questions I have. I'd strongly recommend Ms Amanda's services.
Feb, 2021
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process very transparent and fast.. love the free mask provided by the company, very thoughtful of them. thanks lending bee toa payoh.
Afiq Azmi
Jan, 2021
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Assisted by Mr Andy and Enid regarding the loan to clear some debts. Really helpful, patient and very understanding towards the situation and purpose of the loan. Would recommend to others if in need of personal loans! Thank you!
Miss San
Miss San
Jan, 2021
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Ms Samantha is very friendly and very meticulous in helping me with her loan. Lending bee has been a very smooth and easy transaction to apply loan. Highly recommended. No gimmick at all. Low interest among the rest.
acapemma matrixx
Jan, 2021
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It very good value..Andy Tse. have been great for helping me for getting the loan. He will calculate for me. Enid have been good recep for explaining to me in detail.. 🤗
abu babu
abu babu
Jan, 2021
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Fast response to enquiry, assist to suggest better financial planning...thank you so much alfred..
Tan Thian Seng
Dec, 2020
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Mr. Andy Tee and Ms Loke Yuan Xi are very friendly and professional, they are very helpful and willing to understand your needs and clear in explaining to you regarding the loans. I strongly recommend lending bee if you need any financial helps.
Thong Li Tan
Dec, 2020
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Lending Bee staff is professional and friendly. When a person is in needs for money and they provide the right need and helpful. Excellent lending compared to others.
Ridzwan Juraimi
Dec, 2020
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Fast response to enquiry, assist to suggest better financial planning to reduce monthly burden. Alfred was patient and assisted with the smooth transaction
Gun Metal
Dec, 2020
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Great help and explanation from the staffs, offers other solutions and great service as well. Professional highly recommended

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