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Following MinLaw’s announcement of six new firms piloting alternative business models for money lending, we are pleased to announce that Lending Bee, a subsidiary company of Credit 21 Pte Ltd, has been awarded with this honour.

At Lending Bee, we are a licensed money lender committed to making a difference in the ways in which people access credit. Compared to traditional banks and other financial institutions, we’re constantly pushing boundaries. We’re running on an entirely new business model. We digitalise the lending processes whereby cost is kept to a minimum – so that you can enjoy the best rates from us. All while safeguarding your personal information. 

With Ease.

By taking up a loan with us, you’ll get access to friendlier and more attractive terms: A higher borrowing limit and longer loan tenure. This ensures that you’ll get access to the cash you need, without having to worry about monthly repayments. 

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Our Credit Solutions

Regardless of the financial knot you find yourself in, our credit solutions will bring you one step closer to achieving your financial dreams.

With Lending Bee’s personal loans, you’ll be able to cater for your personal expenses. So that you won’t have to dry up your emergency funds. Personal loans can be used for credit card consolidation, renovation and auto refinancing loans. 

A significant amount of capital is required to start up or expand your business. This is where business loans might come in handy as we offer forms of credit ranging from working capital loans to trade and receivables financing.

Lifestage Financing

Throughout the course of your life, there may be instances where you require additional financial help. Credit card bills, weddings or even the increase in expenses as your family grows.

When you’re all geared up and ready to see what the world has to offer, the last thing you want is to be weighed down by your finances. If you’re looking at alternative ways to fund your dream vacation, we’re here to help.

Don’t let your finances limit your opportunity for further education. From tertiary institutions to local, private and overseas universities, we offer funding for various levels of education. Take that leap of faith with us today.

During a medical emergency, we’ll provide you with the necessary funds so that you can focus on dealing with the emergency itself. We also provide funding for procedures such as LASIK and Bariatric Surgery.

Weddings are meant to be a joyous affair, therefore being an expensive and lavish affair is the way to go since it’s undoubtedly going to be one of the major life things that you will spend on throughout the course of your life.

A bridging loan is a short-term loan to help bridge the financial gap between the sale of your old property and the purchase of your new home. Fretting over downpayment fees? Upgrading your house just got a whole lot easier.

Home loans, car loans, study loans, credit card payments – struggling with too many loans? A debt consolidation plan is all you need. Basically, your debts will be simplified into one for easier repayments and lower interest rates.

Our Process Is Simple – Just 3 Steps

Apply anywhere and we will get back to you within an hour. Efficient and reliable, we help you make progress in life.


1. Easy online application

Fill in our online form that takes only 3 minutes.


2. Confirm your

Our consultants will contact you to confirm your loan at one of our branches.


3. Get your

Receive your money in cash or cheque on the spot.


1. Easy online application

Fill in our online form that takes only 3 minutes.


2. Confirm your details

Our consultants will contact you to confirm your loan at one of our branches.


3. Get your money

Receive your money in cash or cheque on the spot.

What Sets Lending Bee Money Lender Apart?

Lending Bee Pte Ltd is a legal and licensed money lender with the Ministry of Law that aims to provide financial assistance and loans to everyone in Singapore. We offer personalized financial solutions at affordable rates and at the shortest time possible.

Lending Bee is a subsidiary of Credit 21 Pte Ltd, one of the top licensed money lenders in Singapore. Out of 158 licensed money lenders, Lending Bee is one of the six specially selected financial institutions chosen by MinLaw to pilot alternate business models for money lending. As such, you can be assured that we are reliable with a huge capital backing and that we are able to provide loans quickly.

With inflation and high costs of living, many Singaporeans and foreigners experience financial difficulties. One might not have enough money to foot the bills, pay the rent, purchase necessities or become short of cash. To make matters worse, if they already have a bad credit record, it would be even tougher for them to get a loan.

Not to worry, because Lending Bee is one of the top licensed money lenders in Singapore that aims to help every customer financially. Our team is made up of experienced and professional financial consultants who are here to help you. We make sure to listen and understand our customers’ concerns before suggesting the best financial plan. Rest assured that we do not reject customers with bad credit as well for our goal is to provide financial help to everyone.

If you are looking for a fair, reliable, fast and transparent money lender, you have come to the right place. Being a subsidiary of Credit 21, Lending Bee has strong support and provides loans at lower interest rates while strictly following all the rules and requirements set by MinLaw.

Lending Bee constantly updates our knowledge and technology in order to provide the best financial services to all of our clients, regardless if they are Singaporeans or foreigners. To expedite our loan process, we have specially set up our own online loan application where our professional staff will get back to you within hours. What truly sets us apart from other licensed money lenders is that all of our customers will have an online account, meaning they can check on their loan status anytime, anywhere. Making our financial services fast and convenient is a priority for us.

Why Choose Lending Bee Licensed Money Lender?

Lending Bee is one of the top licensed money lenders in Singapore that is specially selected by the Ministry of Law to pilot alternate business models for money lending. We provide loans of up to $100,000 at low interest rates.

We are fast.

Banks in Singapore do offer loans but their approval process usually takes very long. For a normal personal loan, it could take days and up to weeks for the loan to be approved. Sometimes customers do not have the luxury of time to wait. Lending Bee understands this and has implemented an Online Application Form that makes loan applications much more convenient. It can be done within minutes! Loans are also approved in principle within an hour or less by our financial advisors. Furthermore, all customers will also be given a special account that allows them to check their loan status. 

We are reliable.

Out of 158 licensed money lenders in Singapore, Lending Bee has been selected by MinLaw to have the opportunity to pilot alternate business models for money lending. We adhere strictly to the rules and regulations set by MinLaw and we ensure that all of our financial transactions are fair and transparent. We are a licensed money lender that provides detailed contracts and receipts for all proceedings.

You don’t risk harming relationships.

The first thought that comes to the minds of most people when they need money is to borrow from their friends, relatives or from the banks. Borrowing from friends and family risk ruining precious relationships while borrowing from banks might take too long due to the long approval time. If you urgently need cash, waiting for banks to reply doesn’t sound appealing at all. In such situations, feel free to contact us. Lending Bee provides an alternative for everyone who needs money in Singapore with our wide range of products and professional financial consultants.

We offer debt consolidation services.

If you are already taking a lot of loans and have a bad credit rating, do not worry because Lending Bee can help you. Lending Bee offers debt consolidation plans where we help you combine all your loans into one to make repayment clear and easy for you. We help you repay the debts and provide a new financial solution to you. Licensed money lenders need to have a large and strong financial backing in order to provide debt consolidation plans. Taking debt consolidation plans will help to make repayment more convenient and improve your credit score.

Easy loan eligibility.

Many a times, licensed money lenders and banks in Singapore reject customers with bad credit. However at Lending Bee, it does not matter if you have a bad credit report. As long as you have a salary or a proof of income, we can design a financial plan for you.

No cancellation penalty.

If in the event that you decide to reject our loan, do not worry for there are no penalties involved and you are free to borrow from us again. Some money lenders may charge a small penalty fee but we do not. We aim to make our loan services comfortable and flexible for our customers.

Trust our process and we aim to deliver the best to you.

Our Mission

Lending Bee is a subsidiary of Credit 21, a financial institution that began in 2005. With a dedicated and professional team, we are constantly pushing boundaries, improving our technology and innovating. We want to provide our customers with the most updated and best financial solutions. We aim to be the top money lender in Singapore. Our company firmly believe that everyone should have equal access to credit during financial emergencies.

What We Offer:

  1. Easy-to-use online application forms
  2. Fuss-free loan application
  3. Transparent and fair money lender
  4. Online systems to check on loan status anytime, anywhere
  5. Quick replies, best for financial emergencies

What Does It Mean To Be Financed By One Of The Best Money Lenders In Singapore?

  • You won’t be kept waiting.
  • You can check on your loan status 24/7.
  • You can take an unsecured loan of up to $100,000.  
  • You get tailor-made loan packages that are catered to your needs.
  • You know your information is in good hands.
  • You know that you’re getting one of the lowest loan interest rates in Singapore.
  • You know you’re working with a company that is updated and constantly improving. 

Planning To Get A Loan? Here Are 5 Tips To Increase The Chances Of Your Loan Being Approved

1. Early preparation of all documents required

When a borrower applies for a loan, financial institutions usually ask for an array of documents. Some of these documents include tax certificates, proof of income, CPF contribution slips or employment contracts. Applicants will likely be rejected if they do not have all the documents ready. The borrower should first inquire about the documents required for the particular loan that he or she is applying for. He or she should then endeavour to source for all the documents required beforehand so as to submit them together with the application. They can simply drop a call or fill up the online loan application form on the money lender’s website to expedite the loan process.

2. Restructure existing debts

This is relevant for the applicants who have a bad credit history. Some money lenders may reject applications suggested by borrowers with bad credit rating. However, this definitely does not mean that all licensed money lenders will reject them. What borrowers can do is to check with all their current lenders and work out an agreement or find out the remaining loan amount. Next, he or she can approach the licensed money lender to apply for a debt consolidation plan. Debt consolidation plans help to combine all of the borrower’s loans into one, making it just one simple repayment every month.

3. Correct and reliable information

Eyebrows furrow when they fail to get their loans approved. Getting a loan in Singapore is not that complicated as long as clients provide correct and reliable information to the money lenders. The key to getting an unsecured loan is to be honest with their personal information and financial health. Providing the correct information raises the chances of getting an unsecured loan in Singapore by a huge margin as it shows the reliability and sincerity of the clients. 

4. Keep a good payment record 

Many people fail to get their loan approved because of their poor payment records bearing from late repayments and loan defaults. Licensed money lenders and financial institutions will check the clients’ payment record or credit score before approving the loan. The trick is to have a good payment record. Make timely repayments and do not default on your loans. You can discuss with our financial consultants at Lending Bee for the best repayment plan with the most comfortable loan tenure for yourself.

5. Diversify options

There is a wide range of financial institutions in Singapore. Some are banks and others are licensed money lenders. The applicant should not be limited to banks when looking for a loan. This is because banks are known to have a long list of stringent requirements before they approve any loan application. Loan approvals take a long time. Financial institutions that are not banks tend to have a wide variety of loans with more flexible terms and conditions. These money lenders are legal and licensed with the Ministry of Law and are not as rigid as banks. The applicant should consider these alternative lenders because there is a better chance that he or she will qualify for one of the loan options offered.

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