Working From Different Locations

What Is Remote Work And Should You Hire Remote Employees?

Ever heard of working remotely? In recent years, coupled with the rise of the gig economy, working remotely has become very popular in Singapore. It is a convenient arrangement for both the employer and the employee. A remote employee is one who works outside of the office premises of the organisation. If you choose to work remotely, you can work from home or any other suitable location and only go to the office for official meetings or updates. Research has shown that 11% of employees prefer to work in the office full-time, while 17% prefer to work remotely. However, 29% of employees prefer to spend time working in both locations, which is half in the office and half remotely. They like having some flexibility. There are different locations where you can choose to work from remotely. Here are some of them. You can work from home, from a café or even a library. The essential point is that you choose a location that is comfortable and convenient for you to work effectively. You can also work in a co-working space where you will share the working space with others who are involved with other companies. This is a hub that will have technology and connectivity within the premises. You will have the benefit of having an informal environment as well as some office amenities in this coworking space. A third option is that you could choose to work remotely in a different country. The advantage of this different environment is that you may get new ideas and concepts which could be useful in your work. There are several sources in Singapore where you can find remote work. Some of these are given below. AngelList is a website where you can apply to get a remote job opportunity. On this website, you can choose whether you want to work remotely on a part-time or full-time basis. We Work Remotely is a network that has many users. Many employers look for people to work remotely from this platform. Other job sites where you can get remote work are Jobspresso, Hubstaff, Remotive and

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