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Here Are The Best Websites To Watch And Read Anime / Manga (Paid And Free)

Naruto, Boruto, Sword Art Online, Hunter x Hunter, Demon Slayer. Or even Pokémon. Do these anime and manga seires ring a bell? Weebs unite! Some might wonder where the appeal in anime and manga lies. Here’s why people love them so much: Anime and manga feature suspenseful storylines and top visuals. They can grow with you, and you’ve probably grown with them. As fans of such quintessential Japanese culture, you’ll definitely know where to watch and read the latest anime/manga series. KissAnime and KissManga are perfect examples. These websites featured shows and magazines for every taste, they were free, and even 1080p HD! Unfortunately, nothing good lasts forever. After 2020 tested our limits with a few natural disasters and a global-scale pandemic, it also brought stricter copyright rules in Japan. Fear not, our anime brothers and sisters! We did some digging and found some excellent replacements. We’ll compare these websites below, so read on to find the best free options as well. Must Watch Anime Series For the uniniated, if you wish to kickstart your weeb journey, here are some of the best anime series to start: 1. Sword Art Online (2012 – Present)* 2. Hunter x Hunter (2011 – 2014) 3. Demon Slayer (2019 – Present) 4. One Punch Man (2015 – Present) 5. No Game, No Life (2014) 6. Fire Force (2019 – Present) 7. My Hero Academia (2016 – Present) 8. Haikyu!! (2014 – Present) 9. Kuroko’s Basketball (2012 – 2015) 10. Psycho-Pass (2012 – 2014) * Most people claim that the first series of Sword Art Online is the best. You can do without watching the rest. Best Anime Websites In Singapore Not all anime websites are created equal. Apart from different monthly fees, these websites differ in terms of the offer, unique selling proposition, and user-friendliness. We’ve analysed all these factors below to help you find the right website: 1. Crunchyroll: Largest Library Of Anime Crunchyroll is the number one choice for a lot of people because they have an immense library of anime. But here’s the real bonus: You can binge your favourite anime

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