Your Essential Guide To Studio Apartments In Singapore: Benefits, Where To Rent/Buy Them, Tips To Successfully Secure One, etc.

Fun fact: Did you know that almost 80% of males and 65% of females aged 25-29 years old are single in Singapore? These percentages halve by the time people reach 34. This is why the idea of renting or buying a studio apartment in Singapore will have crossed some of our minds. There may come a time when we wish to experience what it’s like living independently. By doing so, we get to decide on the furniture we want, or the design style we have envisioned for our apartment. Thus, it is important that you pick an apartment to your liking. We’ll compare studios to one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments to figure out all their benefits. We’ll also let you in on the best websites in Singapore that rent or retail these apartments. Besides, you’ll also learn a lot of tips and tricks to choose the best type of dwelling for your needs. What Is A Studio Apartment? Studio apartments are compact one-room dwellings. Unlike one-bedroom apartments, studio apartments have your bedroom, kitchen, and living room in the same room. The bathroom is separate, though, and you can even find some studio apartments with intimate balconies. Studio apartments have different sizes between 19 and 34 m², much like a lot of one-room or two-room apartments. However, studio apartments look more minimalistic and have a unique set of advantages. Studio apartments are fit for those who wish to live independetly. However, they are also comfortable enough for couples or friends who wish to stay together. By co-sharing the apartment with someone, you’ll also get to save up on rent! Studio Apartments’ Prices In Singapore Some of us might have considered renting a bedroom in a shared HDB flat. These will be much cheaper compared to renting an entire an entire studio apartment. Think about 50% in savings. However, the issue with renting a room in a shared HDB flat is that you do not get as much privacy since you’ll be sharing the flat with a few other people. This is why many choose to pay more and live in a studio

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