Small Steps And Setting Goals

Guide To Getting Rid Of Bad Habits: 10 Powerful Ways To Master Self-Discipline

Having bad habits and lacking self-discipline can be very destructive. If you have a negative habit that you are not willing to change, it will affect your finances, relationships, health and even business. Research has shown that people who are self-disciplined are actually much happier in life. Here below are 10 effective ways that will help you to get rid of bad habits and become more self-disciplined. 1. Stop wasting resources If you have a habit of wasting your time and money, you will eventually end up with massive losses and numerous missed opportunities. Spending time drinking alcohol, eating unhealthy food and sleeping excessively are all examples of how time and money are wasted. You need to make a quality decision to spend your days doing productive and useful activities that will build your life. These could include putting in extra hours of work to get a higher income, or getting into an exercise regime to improve your health. 2. Be honest with yourself If you have a bad habit that you need to break, do not cover it up or attempt to deny it. This will only prolong the negative consequences of the habit. Be honest with yourself and recognise that you need to change your ways. It may also help to have some close friends tell you the truth about what you need to change. You can only make a good decision to change after you accept that you have a problem. 3. Have a clear purpose and vision If you do not know your life purpose, then you will follow any path. There will be a lack of focus and direction in your life and this will make it very difficult to have any self-discipline. Take some time to write down your purpose and vision clearly and have it in a place where you can refer to it regularly. You can then begin to plan your life around your purpose and this will encourage you to eliminate distractions and become more disciplined. 4. Have a plan and stick to it It has been said that failing to

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