Short Term Loan

Apply For A Short Term Loan: The Best Solution For Your Urgent Financial Needs

In life, not everything will go according to plan. There may be instances when you find yourself running into tricky financial situations, where additional financial help is required. Running into problems with your finances can be extremely distressing. This is why you should always seek a reliable and transparent financial institution to help in addressing your financial shortfalls. As a licensed moneylender, Lending Bee has served thousand of clients. We are constantly reviewing our available loans to ensure that they are tailored to suit the different needs of Singaporeans. If you find yourself lacking in funds, a short term loan from Lending Bee can help. To qualify for a loan with us, the basics include being a Singaporean, or Permanent Resident, and being above 21 years of age. The Benefits Of Lending Bee’s Short Term Loan Worried that your bad credit score might severely affect your loan approval chances? Fret not! We do not simply reject a borrower’s loan application due to a poor credit score. Even if your credit score risk grade stands at HH, chances are that you might still be approved for our short term loan. Short term loans can get facilitated quickly, and there are situations where a loan can get disbursed within a few hours. If you need the money fast, this would be a suitable option. It can be challenging to get a loan when you are waiting for your documents to be handled and credit checks. With a short term loan, you will be able to apply for it online, anytime, anywhere, which helps to speed up the process. Or in some cases, you do not want to get stuck in debt for a long time. Since a short term loan is not borrowed over an extended period and is paid in full promptly, it means there is a possibility of the debt lasting for just a few months. Short term loans are ideal if you do not want to be weighed down by debt or feel that it is essential to pay back your loans soon and on time. With other financing

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What is a Monthly Installment Loan & How It Can Be A Quick And Reliable Avenue Of Help

Singapore has consistently been on the list for the most expensive countries in the world to live in. Oftentimes, we might find ourselves needing urgent financial help to tide through a financial crisis. It may be to pay your bills, fund any unexpected medical emergency, or to simply tide you through till your next paycheck. Irregardless of the circumstance, this is where a monthly installment loan can come in handy. At Lending Bee, we take pride in understanding our customer’s concerns. This is why we are able to provide short term monthly installment loans to provide you with extra financial help. How Does A Monthly Installment Loan Work? A monthly installment loan, otherwise known as a short term loan is most suited to those who urgently require money, usually before you receive your paycheck. It is a loan where you make repayments monthly till your loan is fully paid. The main reason why you would apply for a monthly installment loan is that you require the money fast. This is why Lending Bee prides ourselves in our short processing time and comfortable loan tenures. Upon submission of your online loan application form, our loan officers will be in contact with you within the hour. Once contacted, all you have to do is to make a trip down to any one of our branches to get your loan approved. Upon loan approval, the cash will be disbursed to you shortly. If you are currently suffering from bad credit, fret not! While banks may reject you, we do not immediately reject customers simply due to poor credit. We will first access your financial situation and if we deem you suitable to make timely repayments, you’ll be approved for the loan. Here Are 4 Examples To Provide You A Clearer Picture Example 1 Perhaps you need to borrow $5,000, over a period of 12 months, to fund the cost of your vacation and your travels. Here’s how much you’ll make in monthly repayments: Total Amount Borrowed: $5,000 (12 months) Term No. Principal Interest Total 1 $332.76 $200 $532.76 2 $346.07 $186.69 $532.76 3 $359.91

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