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Top 7 In-Demand Business Trends To Pursue In Singapore 2019

With the right amount of capital, almost everyone can start a business in Singapore. However, to ensure that the business remains sustainable in the long run, you’ll have to ensure that it’s sustainable and viable. How do you do this? It’s all through proper research, planning and execution! Singapore has established itself as a global trade and commerce hub over the past few years. With an economy enabled by technology and a government that is fully supportive of techpreneurs, it is unsurprising that our little island offers the perfect environment for hi-tech companies seeking to establish themselves in the region. As a potential business owner, you’ll definitely want to ensure your business remains relevant in the ever changing market. This is why we have consolidated the top 7 business trends that you might consider if you’re thinking of setting up a business in Singapore. 1. Niche E-commerce With increased accessibility to the internet, e-commerce is no longer a luxury for businesses but a necessity. The e-commerce market in Singapore has grown significantly and is expected to amount up to $5 billion by the end of 2019. Any business that hopes to be successful today needs an online presence. E-commerce enables your business to be available to consumers 24/7. However, in order to be heard by above the clutter of information on the internet, you’ll need to identify a niche and target specific groups and their particular needs. For example, you can focus on popular products such as consumer electronics. Going into e-commerce however, doesn’t guarantee you success. You’ll have to invest heavily in digital marketing and establish your brand as an authority to earn the trust of consumers. 2. Digitization and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t just for IT companies. Digitization and AI are not only growing business trends in Singapore, but throughout the world. Companies in every industry ranging from multi-national to small business are moving to digitization and AI. Digitization enables companies to access markets that they previously would have only dreamed of. They are able to do so at a faster speed than if

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7 Steps to Starting Your Own Business in Singapore – One Of The Most Ideal Business Hubs In Asia

Got a great business idea? Thinking of starting your own business? Starting a business takes more than just having a great idea. Oftentimes, you might get discouraged and even throw in the towel when you encounter various roadblocks required to get your business up and running. One of the best things about starting a business in Singapore is that the government has done a lot to support entrepreneurs. Singapore has quickly become one of the most ideal places to start a business in Asia. This doesn’t mean that entrepreneurs setting up base in Singapore don’t have to go through the many administrative tasks of setting up a business. These are unavoidable. However, understanding what needs to be done and how it can be done ensures that as an entrepreneur, you can hit the ground running. If you’re thinking of starting your own business in Singapore but are at a crossroads, this article might just be able to help! From Idea To Reality Taking an idea and turning it into a reality isn’t as easy as many people would like to believe. A lot of work goes from taking an idea from paper to business. The following are steps that an entrepreneur with a great idea should consider when starting their own business in Singapore. 1. Have A Plan Before anything can get started, it is important for you, as the entrepreneur to give your idea some structure. You should sit down and turn the idea over in your mind. Having a pen and paper handy is advisable. This first step is crucial for turning an idea into a business plan. The idea stops being just a thought and becomes an actual business concept that can be implemented. This may require some research into the niche market that you are seeking to establish your business. Some questions you should ask yourselves at this point include: What product or service do you wish to provide? Is this service or product in demand? Are there opportunities for this product or service? Researching the industry will help in fine tuning the idea. If you

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