10 Steps To Creating The Perfect Resume – What To Include & Not To Include In Your Resume

You’ve probably heard or already know the importance of a good resume. However, all talk and no action is not going to get you anywhere. Want to improve your chances to land your dream job? You can with your perfect resume! Here are 10 ways for you to create your perfect resume! 1. Choose the Format There are various formats in which you can structure your resume: Reverse-chronological Starts from the current experience and goes to past jobs in reverse order. Underlines your duties and experience at past jobs. It’s familiar to your employers. It’s easy to browse through. Not very creative. Skill-based Focuses on specific skills and particular experiences you have that will play a huge role in the job that you are applying for. A more comprehensive view of your abilities. Combo Excellent for experienced individuals. Not for entry-level. 2. Fill in Your Contact Info You shouldn’t include all personal details on your contact info. Stick to your: Name: First and last names. Phone number: It’s better to give your personal handphone number. E-mail address: Ensure it looks professional – not something like [email protected] Instead, use a email like [email protected] LinkedIn profile: The URL to your profile allows employers to look for additional info regarding your work experience. If you want your resume to look better, consider including the following info: A catchy title before your name, like “Coffee aficionado and content writer extraordinaire.” Social media accounts that are related to your job, especially if you’re a photographer or designer. Link to your blog, website or portfolio that are relevant to your skills and experience. 3. Resume Summary You need a catchy statement or inspiring image to attract your potential employer’s attention. Consider that employers spend just a few seconds browsing resumes and don’t pay attention to everything. A professional heading statement attracts their interest and makes you look like an attractive, witty candidate. This statement should summarize your resume, so include your work experience, objective and measurable results in three sentences or less. Focus on major accomplishments and skills, not your everyday duties. Example: Web designer with

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