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10 Essential Ingredients For A Healthy Lifestyle – Take Stock Of Your Health Today

New year, new goals. You’ll probably have embarking on a healthy lifestyle written somewhere as part of your new year’s resolution. Fast forward to more than half a year later. Did you actually abide by your resolution? There’s a difference between existing and living. If you wish to make the most out of your life on Earth, one of the most important things is to be healthy. That way, you can enjoy the good times and have the energy to fight through the bad. As they all say, health is wealth. However, being healthy does not only mean eating right and constant exercise. Here are 10 ways in which you can keep yourself healthy: 1. Eat Healthily If you’re tired of reading about fad diets and celebrities losing weight with miracle recipes or slimming products, you’re not the only one. The truth is when most people hear the phrase “eat healthily”, they think about eating correctly for a limited amount of time, so they can look a certain way. Even if you’re turning healthy food into a lifestyle, you still dream of cheat days. And that’s not ok. Eat healthily to feel great, to eliminate mental fog and to be more content. Healthy eating helps you be more present at home and better at your job. Pro tip: Various diets claim to be the best – Paleo, Keto, Mediterranean or Vegan are just a few. Choose the one you resonate with, but avoid saturated fats, an excess of sugar, salty and fried foods. 2. Sleep Right Different people have different definitions of getting enough sleep. Some of us thrive when we go to bed early, while others are night owls. Some can make do with 6 hours of rest, while others need 9 hours per night. Research has shown that that sleeping right means going through at least four or five sleep cycles each night, from shallow to deep sleep to REM. If you wish to avoid insomnia or sleep interruptions, limit your screen time two hours before bed. Arrange your bedroom for sleep, with no distractions, no screens, not

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