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Top FREE Online Courses To Learn During This Pandemic (Given Out By Harvard, Google, Etc.) With Actual Certifications

While Singapore has managed to stabilize the COVID-19 situation, other countries across the world are still seeing a surge in cases with slow signs of improvement. As most of us are probably still working from home, or attending lessons via Zoom, this gives us a pretty decent amount of time to do some self-upgrading! The best way to do so is through the plethora of free online courses, especially so when they’re given out by world renowned Universities such as Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  So, why do people constantly wish to self-upgrade themselves? Here’s why: The school of the past didn’t prepare you for the work of the present or the future. The emergence of AI and new technologies increase the array of jobs and skills you need. That means your job can become obsolete quickly unless you keep up with the latest trends and upgrade your skills regularly. Don’t know what to choose yet? We’ve evaluated the pros and cons of the most popular free courses below. Plus, we’ll give you a list of top platforms if you have a small budget for self-upgrading. Best Courses Available Read on to find the best available courses and what you can learn from these: 1. Improve Your Soft Skills With LinkedIn Online Courses Soft skills are essential to the jobs of the present and the future. As AI learns how to do more jobs, including writing articles about not destroying humanity, humans have to rethink their strong points. While most people tend to focus on self-upgrading in terms of hard skills, soft skills are extremely important as well. The current world makes it impossible to learn everything you need for your working years from college. However, companies need resilient, adaptable employees that know how to manage conflict and have high EQs. You probably didn’t learn all that in school, right? Here’s where LinkedIn comes in, with its vast array of soft skills courses. The expert instructors include: Gemma Leigh Roberts, a famous author, psychologist, and career coach Dave Crenshaw, a USA Today-featured leadership coach Fred Kofman, advisor

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