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How Social Media Can Cause You To Overspend

It is not too ambitious to say that social media has become such a powerful part of most of our lives that it’s gone on to influence our buying decisions. We wake up, we check our social media feed. When we’re on our way to work, we’re probably scrolling through the same feed to check in on updates. When we’re done with work, we go out for dinner and take insta stories of the entire night’s happenings. If you don’t have a Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or other social media account, you might be living under a rock. Social media is society’s latest drug, and it’s addictive. While social media networks can be an important tool that can enrich your life, they can also take over and consume you without warning. Sadly, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. Social Media Has Taken Over There’s no doubt that social media has taken over our lives. Most people check their Facebook or other social media accounts before they even get out of bed in the morning. It’s also the last thing we do before we close our eyes to sleep at night. Studies show that the average internet user spends more than two hours a day on messaging and social media. This accounts for a third of the total time that these users spend on the internet daily. A closer look at their activities reveals that half of this time is spent on Facebook and its products. Social media has become a way of life. We use it to stay in touch with friends, send messages to wider audiences on various topics and to gather support from others that have similar interests or are facing similar situations. However, like many addictions, social media can be a double edged sword. Users become obsessed. We obsessed over the number of likes, shares and comments that we have. It’s all about receiving that undivided attention so that we can feel good about ourselves. Here’s a catch. We almost always forget that social media glorifies things. Behind that flashy photo of your favourite celebrity relaxing on

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