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14 Best Ways To Earn Passive Income In Singapore (2020 Update)

You might currently be holding a full time job and drawing a stable monthly salary. But what if you are able to earn passive income without actually having to forsake your full time job? Passive income is the money you earn without requiring a lot of your personal touch, involvement or input. You just build something and it works for you and generates income without demanding your real-time presence. This type of business requires minimal effort to maintain the revenue flow, thus granting one the flexibility or free time to concentrate on other matters. Thanks to steady progress in technology, one can now start earning extra cash. Here are some brilliant passive income ideas. In Singapore, those who seek to earn passive income usually do it for some of the following reasons: It gives a good accumulation of wealth which can be used during retirement: Many Singaporeans struggle with financial difficulty during their retirement years. The money received on pension is rarely enough, therefore, earning some passive income over the productive years becomes very useful during sunset years. Can go a very long way in helping to pay off debts: This is can a great relief, especially where there are default fees being charged. The passive income will help to reduce the pressure that comes with debt repayments and also help to improve the credit rating of the borrower. Generating a passive income is a way of growing financially: It is actually one route to financial stability in the long run. Many Singaporeans would love to reach a state where they have enough financial investments to actually retire early. Having a passive income can provide this opportunity. There are some popular ways of earning a passive income in Singapore. 14 of these ways are given below: 1. Start A Blog One of the best known routes to earning passive income is through blogging. At first, there will be little or no income, but with time, the money starts flowing in. Although it may sound easy, starting a blog requires excellent planning. You will first need to pick one area of interest.

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