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10 Places You Can Volunteer In Singapore So That You Can Give Back To Society

If you have some spare time and is looking to do something meaningful, why not try your hand at volunteering? Helping others actually gives a huge sense of fulfillment and provides benefits to both the volunteers and receivers! In Singapore, volunteering opportunities are abundantly available. Whether you enjoy spending time with animals, children or the elderly, there is a place for you to volunteer at. So here are ten places to volunteer in Singapore and sufficiently given back to society. 1. Love Kuching Project  Calling all cat lovers! Love Kuching Project is a community-based cat rescue group that focuses on rescuing needy cats and also educate people on how to care for cats. Their primary focus is on stray cats that are sick or injured or young kittens that need human intervention to survive. Website Address: 216 Joo Chiat Road. Here’s how to apply to be a volunteer. 2. Food From The Heart Dishing out meals to the poor and homeless is a noble cause for any volunteer. Large amounts of food are wasted in Singapore’s significant cities, but the Food From The Heart program aims to reduce this. One can volunteer and join the Food From the Heart’s Bread Programme by collecting bread from several bakeries and distributing the bread to the beneficiaries. Their mission is to reach out to the less fortunate by bringing them food through a food distribution programme as well as celebrate birthdays with them. They offer individual volunteering opportunities as well as corporate and institution group sign-ups. Website To sign up as a volunteer, check out this page Address: 130 Joo Seng Road #03-01. Singapore 368357; Phone: 6280 4483 3. Willing Hearts Willing Hearts is an organization that feeds the less fortunate. They are a non-affiliated charity that is fully run by volunteers with only a few staff. It runs a soup kitchen that prepares, cooks and distributes about 6000 meals daily to over 50 locations, 365 days a year. This enormous task is wholly run by volunteers and only a handful of staff. Volunteers are needed from 5.00 am to prepare, cook and

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