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Top 7 Fast-Growing Industries In Singapore For Fresh Graduates / Final Year Students

Now that you’re a fresh graduate or in your final year of polytechnic or university, you might be thinking about your future job. What are the most profitable industries? The grass is greener for some on-the-rise industries in Singapore, where you can get good pay, fast promotions and advance quickly on your career ladder. If you choose a stagnating industry, you might need to consider professional job change in a few years. The alternative is to find yourself in a stalemate, working at a job with no advancement opportunities. So make the right choice. Read the article below and go for a job you like in one of the industries below: 1. Fintech Sector Singapore is a fintech Mecca. The fast advancement of technology has given rise to digital marketing and online product management, so the financial and technological sectors are intertwined. Singapore saw a growing number of fintech startups during the last years, and these companies continue to spread. There is a stark need for people who are literate in the world of financial products but also have good technical know-how. Flywire, TradeHero, and MoneySmart are just a few of these prodigies in a continuous expansion. These sites offer lots of helpful advice on financial matter and have been growing in popularity over the years. They provide cost guides, reviews of credit cards, loans and financial policies for readers of all ages. The truth is that many local merchants, including hotels, restaurants, amusement parks or banks, have adapted their businesses according to innovative fintech ideas. These businesses are looking for people who know the ins and outs of customer needs and marketing, but who can also devise easy-to-use apps. 2. Start-up Sector The number of start-ups is growing on the island of Singapore. This sector is a good choice for fresh graduates as well as people who want to swap careers, provided you go for the right industry. That’s why tech start-ups are the best choice. These companies are extremely innovative and receive a lot of media support, which makes them extremely successful. The Singaporean market isn’t saturated with tech

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