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10 Ways To Reduce Marketing Costs For Your Business In Singapore

Marketing is essential for managing your business. Some companies inflate their marketing costs unnecessarily in the hopes of generating more profit, while other companies have a very tight budget. This article will help you reduce marketing costs by learning how to differentiate your essential expenses from the unnecessary ones. Embed our infographic in your website: <br /><br /><img src= width=980 /><br /><br /><a href= style=color:#000000;text-align:left> Infographic created by Lending Bee®. Click to view original </a><br /><br /> Common Marketing Costs For A Business A business entails several marketing expenses, some of which you can cut down completely, while others you can’t ignore. Research Understanding your audience is essential for any marketing campaign. You should know everything about your target group, starting with basic demographic information like age, income and geographical area, and ending with finesse details such as preferences and lifestyle choices. Once you know your audience, you can build appealing messages and select the best channels to make sure your audience receives and understands those messages. All of that costs money. Additional research expenses include analyzing your competitors, the market where you want to retail your products, as well as your own company. Traditional Marketing After you have your research, you need a team to devise the best marketing plan. Offline marketing costs are comprised of: Campaign strategies, including building your brand identity and brand image from logo and slogan to colour schemes, business cards and brand personality Advertising on traditional media (newspapers, magazines, TV, leaflets, etc.) PR and sponsorships Events Online Marketing In the age of the internet, you can’t ignore online marketing. This section includes costs for building and managing your website, your social media presence and blogs, plus e-mail marketing and other online advertising campaigns. Overall Costs A small business venture will spend approximately 5% of its revenue on marketing costs, but the expenses get up to 20% if the business is new. Some of these costs are recurring, such as a website host fee or the salary of your creative team, while other costs are periodic, such as hiring a rebranding expert. How To Reduce

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10 Best Online Marketing Tools For Small Businesses And Startups That Will Bring Results

If you own a small business, you know how important it is to advertise it according to a strategy. But making a plan, building a website, researching your audience, giving them top info, and billing your clients is hard work. It’s all about using not only the best, but the right marketing tools to bring in leads. That’s why you need the best marketing tools that will make your job easier. Start with: 1. MobileMonkey People won’t engage with a business that makes getting in touch difficult. Or, well, more difficult than other businesses that already use Facebook Messenger. But before you jump all the way straight to engagement, you need something that catches their attention and piques their interest. You want your audience hooked. There’s no better tool than MobileMonkey for that. This tool is easy to use for newbies because you don’t need to know how to code. MobileMonkey is a FREE chatbot builder for Facebook Messenger that helps you send targeted messages, answer your customer’s questions, offer live support, or survey your market. If you’re interested in a Facebook marketing campaign, MobileMonkey helps you make the first steps towards attracting more leads and building your reputation. 2. Due Due is an easy-to-use free tool to help you bill time correctly. Tracking the time you spend on different marketing projects is essential for any business. That way, you will have a more precise idea of how much money and resources you need to allocate for each project. In turn, this increases efficiency and profit. You can also use Due to create, save and keep track of your invoices and payments. If you are a freelancer and find billing clients time-consuming, it means things are going great for you. But it also means you need Due to stop spending so much time on writing invoices. 3. Google Analytics Another free platform that rocked the tech world, Google Analytics has raised a lot of controversies regarding the data it collects. But Google Analytics is on the rise, and it’s no denying it provides precious insights into the mind of your

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