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8 Online Communities In Singapore You Should Join To Learn More About Personal Finance

The beauty of online communities is that they bring together individuals of like mind, to harness their collective wisdom in a common area of interest. Augmented by technology, such platforms are allowing people to share insights, exchange ideas, and speak from their own experiences about financial concepts, companies, and products. Discussions about Singapore going cashless and using cashless payment methods have been going on online. Not too long ago, anyone seeking information about a finance company and its products, had nothing else to go by but its FAQ page. The information was one sided. All he or she could get was their terms and conditions, the features of the product and that was it. Today, its is easy to hear from others who have interacted with the company, purchased the said product, and has interacted with it directly. This gives a better picture of what one can expect. Acceptable Etiquette For Online Engagement Singaporeans will be delighted to know that there are several online communities filled with knowledgeable minds about personal finance. They often also discuss ways to make passive income or to how to improve one’s credit score. However, before diving right in, it is important for one to first take time and simply learn how the group operates. Find out about the group rules, norms and culture. It is important to build rapport with other members in the group slowly through participation. It is also important that the new comer carries out research on the topics that are discussed there to provide knowledgeable input. If one has a question, it is prudent to first search previous discussions to find out if the topic that he or she is interested in has been discussed in the past. That’s the good thing about forums and pages because you can ask a question and will mostly likely receive a reply. You can also review the comments and the discussion to find an answer. Should he or she not find the answer required, then the person can raise a specific query on that issue. Respect for others should be obvious. Ensure that

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