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Here’s 15 Interesting Corporate Team Building Activities In Singapore (2019 Update)

Team building isn’t just about fun; it’s about finding the right activity to help a team grow. As the workplace evolves with better technology and higher education, building a happy and productive team is not all about profits and salary. Teamwork and culture plays a huge role. So, how can you build a united and happy team? The article below discusses 15 of the best corporate team building activities in regards to the abilities they exercise and the skills the participants learn. 1. Singing And Dancing At Team Music Team Music is the award-winner of prizes like Bronze Winner for Human Resources and Best Corporate Team Building & Conference Specialists – Hong Kong. The activities offered by Team Music allow co-workers to interact, bond, learn together and even engage in some friendly competition. The employees learn how to dance, sing, or write and create their music videos. People don’t require any prior musical experience; they will learn how to sing and dance together. Team Music boasts five team building programs that promote collaboration, shaping of distinct roles, creative play, leadership and resilience to stress. We all need a stress reliever sometimes. For instance, BANDINC is a socially-inclusive program that teaches people how to sing together as a band. At the end of the program, they will learn two songs together, regardless of their experience with music. This program, like all the others offered by Team Music, can be adapted for corporate events. As such, the employees can perform at Christmas Parties or at the company’s events. 2. Giant Whack A Mole At The Fun Empire Giant Whack A Mole tries to imitate the popular namesake arcade game. This team building activity is new in Singapore, proposing a giant version of this game, where employees are the moles that emerge from the wholes. One person sits in the middle with a safe-to-use inflatable mallet and tries to catch the moles. People need to work together and develop communication skills. They exercise their ability to think fast, to make good prognosis, while also relieving stress through laughter and physical activity. The game

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