Creating The Perfect Website

9 Highly Effective Web Design Tips to Improve User Experience And Better Your Business

Imagine doing a quick google search and clicking on a link. Then you wait, and wait, as the website takes forever to load. Frustrated? Annoyed? What was the web designer thinking? However, a website’s slow loading time is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to Web design. There are many other factors that affect the User Experience (UX) when they visit a website. A reliable website is built on a perfect web design. Ensuring the best user experience is essential to attracting much traffic to the website. Nobody wants to experience a slow page or websites that do not fit on their screens. Hence, coming up with a reliable website that ensures maximum UX is key to staying at the top of every search engine. While most companies might opt for hiring an expert web designer to come up with a reliable website, some web designers do not meet the standards required by the best search engines like Google. The following are some of the most useful website design tips that every web designer should practice to come up with websites that guarantee the best user experience. 1. Research Extensively Knowing your customers is key to coming up with a website to meet their needs. Various website designs meet different product lines. Therefore, before designing the website, it is wise to conduct market research to find out who your real customers are and what factors of your product or brand must be included in the web design. The company’s core values, vision, mission, and quality policy must be reflected on the website. If you are unsure of who you are designing for, it is difficult to come up with the right web design. After establishing the target audience for the website, you should go further to evaluate your buyer persona. Every feature you include on the website must target the respective buyer persona you select. Consider going through your competitors’ websites to find out their strengths and weaknesses. The analysis of competing websites will help you to come up with a web design that meets your

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