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Planning For A Funeral Service In Singapore: What Are the Immediate Steps to Take Once A Loved One Passes On

When a loved one passes on, this can take a toll on ourselves physically and mentally. However, as morbid and distressing it seems, there are still steps to be taken to ensure that your loved one has a proper send off. This is why it’s important that you know the steps in planning a funeral in Singapore.   Planning A Funeral In Singapore   To make things easier for you, we have broken down the entire process into simple steps. This is so that you’ll be able to get the paperwork in order and go through the funeral procession as smoothly as possible. To begin, several things need to be put into consideration, ranging from preparing a tribute to closing the deceased’s bank accounts. These responsibilities require keen attention, and adequate preparation is essential for minimizing stress during this emotional and challenging time. Observing a loved one’s death is hard, but proper preparation will significantly reduce the pressure from numerous questions that arise after a loved one dies. While there are quite many tasks that you need to complete within weeks and months after the death, it is also important to be ready for the first hours after the passing. Pronouncement of Death If your loved one passes on at home, you should contact the police. Police get involved in making sure that the individual has been medically examined and legally pronounced dead. When a family member passes on at home but had been receiving care from a hospice or healthcare facility, the relevant agency should be contacted. If the person died within a facility such as a hospice, nursing home, or hospital, the medical personnel at the site will be responsible for officially delivering the pronouncement of death. If you are already working with a particular funeral home, decide whether you should notify the funeral home, police, or both. The funeral home handles the legal paperwork concerning the death on behalf of the family. Funeral Home You need to choose and contact a funeral home if you and your loved one did not select one ahead of time. Families

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