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The Best TV Streaming Services in Singapore 2020: Netflix Vs HBO Vs Viu Vs HBO GO and More

Ask any of your friends and most of them will probably have a subscription to a TV streaming service. Netflix, HBO, Viu, are just some of the TV streaming services available for subscription. With the Circuit Breaker measures in place, most of us wind up being at home, looking for things to do. While activities such as baking, exercising and gaming can be ways to rewind, sometimes, just sitting back and watching your favourite show can be relaxing as well! When it comes to TV streaming services, Netflix is the most popular option. However, there are other competitive streaming services accessible in Singapore. You can choose from Viu, HBO, and more depending on your preference and budget. During this time, when movement is restricted, it is a good idea to compare different options and determine what you wish to view. Here’s A Comparison Of The Different TV Streaming Services 8 Most Famous Streaming Services In Singapore 1. Netflix AS the most widely used streaming service in Singapore, Netflix has provided Singaporeans with a wide range of TV shows and movies. It is also generally well-known around the world as the ultimate American streaming platform that took over the TV scene. The service is famous for its wide range of content of dramas and movies that include Netflix Originals such as Black Mirror, Stranger Things, Witcher, Kingdom and Never Have I Ever. Here is a more in depth look into its subscription fees and what you can enjoy: 2. Amazon Prime Video Amazon Prime Video has a fairly impressive library of shows, including popular Originals such as The Men in the High Castle, Good Omens. They also have well-known American shows like NCIS, Two and a Half Men and The Office. Some people might find the movie library to be a bit dated with its older options, but there are always some classics gems ranging from the timeless Mean Girls to Mr. & Mrs Smith. Here is a more in depth look into its subscription fees and what you can enjoy: 3. HBO GO HBO GO is the popular streaming service

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