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Suffering From Skin Related Problems? Find Out How A Skin Cosmetic Surgery Loan Can Help.

Wanting to get rid of undesirable scarring or blemishes on your skin? If so, you might find comfort in knowing that hundreds of Singaporeans undergo skin cosmetic procedures in order to better their appearance.   

Hereditary issues, aging, skin disorders and sun exposure can all lead to skin problems on the face and other parts of the body.

Textural concerns include moles, visible blood vessels and sunspots, changes in pigmentation such as freckles, acne scars and wrinkles. Additionally, your skin may end up losing the healthy glow, firmness and tone that is associated with younger skin.

Though such skin conditions might not pose as a serious concern, you might wish to eliminate them to look and feel better about yourself.

However, the cost of cosmetic procedures come with a hefty price tag. Moreover, you might require more than one procedure to completely eradicate the problem. If you find yourself spending a large part of your savings on skin cosmetic procedures, a skin cosmetic surgery loan from Lending Bee might just be what you need.

Lift the financial burden off your skin cosmetic procedures with a skin cosmetic surgery loan.

What Is Lending Bee® Skin Cosmetic Surgery Loan?

Require additional funding for your cosmetic surgery procedures? This is where a skin cosmetic surgery loan can come in handy!

A skin cosmetic surgery loan functions in the same way that a personal loan would. At Lending Bee, we have specially tailored a skin cosmetic surgery loan to facilitate the cost of cosmetic skin related procedures.

It is highly likely that such procedures will not be covered by your health insurance since it is considered a cosmetic procedure. This is where Lending Bee will be able to help you financially.

We help to provide you with the necessary funding to see your procedure(s) from start till end. Thus, you won’t have to spend the bulk of your savings on the procedure(s) and can save them up for other medical or unforeseen emergencies.  

Get started on your cosmetic procedures today. Apply for a skin cosmetic surgery loan.

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1. Easy Online Application

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Outcome of the loan with the maximum loan amount and tenure will be provided to you in less than an hour.


3. Fast Cash Disbursement

Head down to your selected Lending Bee® branch, sign the contract and get your money instantly.

1. Easy Online Application

Register an account on our mobile app or simply fill up the loan application form. Takes only 3 mins.


2. Receive Application Status

Outcome of the loan with the maximum loan amount and tenure will be provided to you in less than an hour.


3. Fast Cash Disbursement

Head down to your selected Lending Bee® branch, sign the contract and get your money instantly.

Why Our Skin Cosmetic Surgery Loans Stand Out

Going About Treating Skin Related Problems

What are some of the treatment options I can explore?

There are different ways to treat skin damage and a range of irregularities.

Injectable products, chemical peels, mechanical procedures and laser resurfacing are among the treatment options that can be used to improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the whole face.

Treatment can also address certain parts of the face like around the eyes and the upper lip.

Treatment is available for dealing with pigmentation challenges such as age spots and sunspots. It can also be used to improve various skin conditions such as acne scars and unsightly moles.

The type of treatment that will specifically address skin concerns is usually determined after consulting a certified and licensed plastic surgeon. Many skin treatments need a multi-dimensional approach and series of treatments to achieve the best results. As a patient, you should be committed to taking care of your skin after the relevant procedure(s) to guarantee long-lasting results. 

The Cost Of Different Skin Cosmetic Treatment Methods

Below are some of the common skin resurfacing and rejuvenation treatment methods and its costs:

Medical ProcedureWhat It Is ForCost
Spier VeinsTreatment consists of injections that work by collapsing unsightly veins on the surface$5,000 - $7,000 per leg
BotoxRelaxes wrinkles by blocking nerve contractions$1,384
Dermal FillersCompounds are injected into the skin to enhance skin contouring$600 - $2,000 per syringe, depending on whether it’s a temporary or semipermanent filler.
Radiofrequency (RF) microneedlingSmall micro-needles to deliver heat energy to the skin. This stimulates collagen production and activates acne scar remodelling$800 - $2,000 per session
(3 – 5 sessions required)
Fractional Erbium LasersEffective for sun damage, fine wrinkles, melisma, enlarged pores and to improve skin and texture$400 - $800 per session (2 – 5 sessions required)
Chemical PeelsEffective for brown spots, age spots, improves texture of damaged skin and reduces fine lines$150 - $300 per session (1 – 3 sessions required)

It is wise to note that the costs reflected above are not to be taken at face value.

Each patient is unique and exhibits various combinations of environmental and genetic signs of aging that affect the skin. There are several ways to deal with these issues and all treatment methods need to be discussed and planned with a qualified plastic surgeon according to specified desires and situations.

All skin resurfacing, and rejuvenation procedures have certain goals, with each approach providing specific benefits and addressing definite issues. A cosmetic surgeon can determine the most suitable treatment options that can help patients achieve their aesthetic objectives.

Costs will never be a pertinent issue with our skin cosmetic surgery loan.

Some Thoughts Before You Apply For A Skin Cosmetic Surgery Loan

Not all of us will be suitable for skin cosmetic surgery. Here are some things you’ll have to consider before going for skin cosmetic surgery:

  • People who are ready to tolerate discomfort on a short-term basis as the skin heals in some cases.
  • People who want to improve the appearance of their skin significantly.
  • People who are in good general health.
  • People who are currently taking medication that may adversely interact with treatment.
  • People who are not in good general health.
  • People who have certain health issues that may compromise the healing process.

Every procedure is linked to certain expectations and outcomes. These expectations are varied among patients. Generally, skin cosmetic procedures provide the following results:

1. Rejuvenated, glowing experience.

2. More collagen and a fuller face.

3. Diminished or removal of the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

4. Improving textural irregularities, improving minor scars and even, smooth texture.

5. Improved appearance of pigmentation and spots and even skin tone.

Eligibility For A Skin Cosmetic Surgery Loan

Before applying for a skin cosmetic surgery loan, you will have to consider your current financial situation.

That said, at Lending Bee, we try to make our loans accessible to everyone. Here are some of the requirements needed before you submit your loan application:

Your credit score is built upon your credit history and income. Late repayments and unpaid bills will undoubtedly lower your credit score.

Banks and other traditional financial institutions usually shy away from such borrowers as they are not confident that they will be able to make timely repayments. However, at Lending Bee, we do not immediately reject you because of your less than ideal credit score.

We will meticulously assess each individual’s financial situation and if we see that there has been an improvement and are confident that you are able to repay the loan, we might be able to approve you of the loan.

Lending Bee requires you to fulfill the following criteria before applying for a loan with us:

    • Be a Singaporean citizen or PR. Foreigners need to provide their employment pass or passport
    • Be above 21 years of age
    • Be permanently employed, have a valid work permit (for foreigners). For those who are self-employed, you must have a valid income proof.

We require that you have the following documents ready before you head down to our office:

    • Original NRIC / FIN
    • Proof Of Residence (recent bill or letter addressed to you)
    • Proof Of Employment
    • For Salaried Employee: 3-month payslip (for foreigners only)
    • For Self-Employed: Notice of assessment for the past 1 year

*Final interest charged and loan application time varies for each applicant. 

Apply For A Fuss Free And Convenient Skin Cosmetic Surgery Loan Today

Different people may react differently to the procedures. Some might see visible effects faster and hence, require less sessions compared to those who take a longer time to see the desired effects. It is thus wise to consult with your relevant cosmetic doctor to find out what procedure is best suited for you.

If the cost of your surgery is slightly on the higher side, this is where Lending Bee will be able to offer you with the timely financial help that you require. With the cost of your procedure covered, you will then be able to successfully go for your skin cosmetic procedure with ease.

Let Lending Bee® help to defray the costs of your skin cosmetic surgery. Apply for a loan with us today.

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