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Going Overseas For Medical Procedures: A Cheaper And Viable Alternative

We all know for a fact how expensive healthcare is in Singapore. Though the government has been striving to make Singapore’s healthcare affordable, there are still certain medical procedures / surgeries that are costlier as compared to the rest of the world.  

For many people who require medical care, traveling is probably the last thing they are thinking about.

However, an increasing number of Singaporeans are traveling overseas for various procedures, from heart surgery to dental work.

The rising costs of healthcare in Singapore has compelled people to look for medical solutions elsewhere. This can be attributed to an increase in our ageing population and cases of overcharging in the private sector.

Medical facilities overseas have maintained high standards and people are often surprised to discover brand new equipment and facilities as hospitals around the world are adjusting to a competitive global market.

There are various reasons why people choose to go overseas. Although price is the biggest reason why people seek healthcare overseas, there are other benefits of seeking treatment abroad.

By going overseas for medical help, you’ll gain access to better facilities at an affordable cost.

Overseas Surgery Loans: What They Can Do For You

An overseas surgery loan can help you cover the costs of different medical procedures, travel expenses, hotel charges and more. At Lending Bee, we continuously strive to help Singaporeans get the financing they need to pay for their medical treatment overseas.

If you wish to undergo a medical procedure in another country, you’ll be assured that at Lending Bee, we can provide you with an affordable payment plan that caters to part of or the whole cost of your treatment, travel and accommodation.

With advancement of technology within the medical sector, many people have discovered that the quality of care in foreign countries is comparable to the care they can receive at home, yet at a fraction of the price.

An overseas surgery loan makes it much easier to pay for treatment. With an overseas surgery loan, it becomes possible for you to afford medical procedures abroad and pay for them in small and comfortable monthly installments over time.

Seek overseas medical help with a piece of mind with an Overseas Surgery Loan from Lending Bee®.

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1. Easy Online Application

Register an account on our mobile app or simply fill up the loan application form. Takes only 3 mins.


2. Receive Application Status

Outcome of the loan with the maximum loan amount and tenure will be provided to you in less than an hour.


3. Fast Cash Disbursement

Head down to your selected Lending Bee® branch, sign the contract and get your money instantly.

Financing For Healthcare Outside Singapore

The costs of medical treatment can be prohibitive when procedures are performed within Singapore. Financing can help people access affordable medical procedures performed in neighboring countries and other places by medical professional in medical facilities that adhere to stringent international standards.

Lenders can finance your care as well as travel expenses, depending on the type of agreement. People should always be cautious and informed when traveling for treatment. Find out as much as you can about the doctor before getting a loan to ensure that you will be in reliable and experienced hands.

Traveling overseas is a popular option for individuals who want quality medical care that they can afford. If you are thinking about going overseas, you need to consider all the fees. Aside from the cost of treatment, you also need to take airfares and accommodation into account. Additionally, you may be staying in a hotel for many nights during recovery and follow-up visits with your doctor. Despite all these costs, traveling for treatment can still save you a lot of money.

Lending bee provides low-interest loans from 1%* that enable patients to handle the costs of the treatment they need and want. Documentation such as proof of income and credit may be considered by the lender when you apply for a loan.

After your loan is approved, the funds are disbursed for treatment, tickets and other travel costs.

Selecting the right financing solution for medical care can be challenging. This is why you need a lending service that is dedicated to making the entire process as simple as possible. Loan approval should be within a reasonable period of time.

At Lending Bee, we are fully committed to providing you with the best overseas surgery loan to suit your needs. We will carefully access your current financial situation before granting you a loan that fits you best.

*Final interest charged and loan application time varies for each applicant. 

Why Do People Seek Medical Help Overseas?

It's Cheaper

Price is the primary reason that most of us choose to go overseas for treatment. Some of us might now wonder if the price we pay will affect the quality of healthcare. However, if you pick the right doctor and right country to seek medical help, then there won’t be a compromise on the quality of care. Dental work, for example, is a major saving opportunity for patients.

Aside from lower prices, foreign hospitals offer upfront quotes and prices that make it easier for you to be financially prepared. The cost of complicated surgical procedures can be estimated and limits are usually set for the overall cost to prevent complexities. These limits are great for comparing options in different countries as well as for planning purposes


Better Service

Along with lower costs, many individuals are grateful for the excellent service that is provided by foreign hospitals. There is a sufficient number of registered nurses, foreigners are graciously escorted to where they need to go and doctors have schedules that enable them to pay close attention to every patient.

Patients are handled courteously when it is time to checkout and the billing process is usually handled efficiently.

The benefits of medical care overseas are substantial when you stay in the hospital overnight. From deluxe suits to extra rooms for family members, every effort is made to make your stay as comfortable as possible at an affordable price.



Some patients worry about the quality of physicians and facilities in foreign hospitals and clinics. It is normal for many people to conclude that a lower price will reduce the quality of the product or service. However, it is the exact opposite for a properly planned medical trip. You can ensure that your health will be taken care of by experienced and professional practitioners every step of the way.



People who seek healthcare overseas have more access to more treatment options than those who stay home. Along with access to advanced treatment solutions, common surgical procedures are also available. With a properly planned trip, many surgeries can be performed within days of arrival.


Going overseas for treatment is an opportunity to tour and experience a new environment. You can enjoy the recovery process with a scenic view of the beach after undergoing surgery. Family members that accompany their loved ones can also ease the stress and anxiety of a medical procedure by going shopping or relaxing at the beach.

For those who are not going through major surgery, there are even more reasons to take advantage of getting treatment in another country. With the savings made from seeking dental care elsewhere, you can go on holiday.   

What To Expect Overseas?

More people are making the decision to travel overseas for medical treatment every year. Some of them pay out of pocket while others have medical insurance.

The main reasons for going overseas include long waiting lists for major surgeries and high costs of treatment in Singapore.

Some of the factors to consider when going abroad for treatment include:

1. Experienced medical professionals

2. Significantly lower prices

3. Short and affordable trips

4. No language barriers

5. Quality personalized care

6. Effective and advanced methods of treatment

Common Medical Procedures And Its Accompanying Costs That Are Popular Amongst Singaporeans

Dental Procedures:

With the rising costs of several dental procedures, more people are opting to travel to other countries for dental care. This is an effective way to get the care you need while reducing costs for major dental work like orthodontics, implants and root canals.

Even if it’s just for a regular checkup which entails simple procedures such as scaling and polishing, these can easily cost over $100 in private clinics.

Thus, many Singaporeans prefer to take a short 10-minute drive across the causeway to Johor Bahru. Dental procedures there cost about half that of what you would expect to pay in Singapore.

Here’s how much you can expect to pay for the following dental procedures:

  • Scaling and Polishing: 120 MYR – 180 MYR (S$40 – S$59)
  • Root Canal: 600 MYR – 1,7000 MYR (S$196 – S$556) per tooth, 1000 MYR – 1,500 MYR (S$327 – S$429) per crown
Plastic Surgery

Talk about plastic surgery and the first place that comes to mind would probably be Seoul, South Korea. Singaporeans usually travel to Seoul or Bangkok for plastic surgery. Especially for Seoul where they have the highest number of cosmetic surgery procedures per capita worldwide with reliable and experienced doctors. More importantly, it also costs less, especially for Seoul since prices have to be kept competitive simply due to the sheer number of plastic surgery clinics available.

Here’s how much you can expect to pay for the following plastic surgery procedures:


  • Eyelid Surgery: 586,293 ₩ – 1,407,102 ₩ (S$678 – S$1,627)
  • Rhinoplasty (Nose Job): 1,172,890 ₩ – 3,166,803 ₩ (S$1,356 – S$3,660)


  • Breast augmentation: 100,000 THB – 200,000 THB (S$4,500 – S$9,000)
Fertility Treatment

Many patients travel to other countries to receive fertility treatment. Reasons include restrictions in their countries and the lower costs of treatment abroad.

For example, in Singapore, you can only go through In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) if you are 45 and below. Moreover, younger women under 40 receive subsidies from the government but if you are above 40, the cost can range between $10,000 – S$15,000 per IVF cycle.

The next common fertility procedure is egg freezing. In Singapore, only women with medical needs such as those who are going for chemotherapy are permitted to freeze their eggs. Hence, the next best bet would be to head overseas.

Here’s how much you can expect to pay for the following fertility treatment procedures:


  • Per IVF cycle: 15,300 MYR – 21,000 MYR (S$5,000 – S$6,900)
  • Per egg freezing cycle: 15,000 MYR – 25,000 MYR (S$4,900 – S$8,200)


  • Per egg freezing cycle: 45,000 THB (S$2,000)


  • Per egg freezing cycle: 11,300 AUD (S$10,540)

Apply For An Overseas Surgery Loan With Lending Bee®

If you are thinking of travelling overseas for certain medical procedures, Lending Bee can help to defray the costs.

Surgery in a foreign country is a good way to reduce your medical costs. Aside from high costs, some medical treatments like dental surgery and weight loss surgery are not included in insurance policies or the cover is limited.

At Lending Bee, we believe that everyone should have equal access to medical help. This is why we are able to offer you a loan to cover the cost of surgical procedures, medical bills, airfare, accommodation, treatment-related expenses and hospital charges.

Our low interest rates and flexible loan tenures of up to 24 months will ensure that you can make comfortable repayments all while recuperating from your surgery.

Let Lending Bee® cover the cost of your overseas medical expenses. Apply for an overseas surgery loan with us today.

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