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Achieve Perfect Eyesight With Lending Bee® LASIK Surgery Loan

In the past, people who had problems with their vision had to wear glasses. Individuals with extremely poor vision were restricted to large glasses with unsightly, heavy frames and thick lenses. However, contact lenses and LASIK surgery have brought about a major change in people’s lives.

Unfortunately, the cost of getting LASIK surgery is not usually covered by insurance. This leaves you with the responsibility of funding your surgery, which can be expensive.

With a LASIK Surgery loan, you’ll be able to put your financial worries aside and achieve the perfect eyesight that you have always wanted.

With A LASIK Surgery Loan from Lending Bee® you will no longer have to fumble for your glasses.

What Is LASIK?

LASIK is an acronym that stands for laser assisted in situ keratomileusis. It is a type of eye surgery that is performed with lasers. Although LASIK is the primary form of laser surgery for vision correction, PRK (Photorefractive keratectomy) is an alternative that is performed in a different way.

A flap is created within the cornea by using a laser. Surgeons remove the tissue from this area to enhance how it reflects light towards the retina. Minimal downtime is required with LASIK and most patients can return to work within a few days.

LASIK is often recommended as a treatment solution for nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Some patients end up with 20/20 vision after the procedure while others still need vision correction, although the correction is less severe than before.

LASIK surgery is well known for its high success rates, with most people being happy with their results. The procedure can save money over time and improve your quality of life. The cost of glasses, contact lenses and other corrective measures for vision as well as visiting the doctor can add up as time goes on. LASIK surgery is among the corrective eye procedures that can get rid of these of these costs and lower your financial burdens in the long-term.

Fix an appointment for your eye surgery today, and achieve perfect eyesight tomorrow. Apply for a LASIK surgery loan now.

Why Our LASIK Surgery Loans Stand Out

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1. Easy Online Application

Register an account on our mobile app or simply fill up the loan application form. Takes only 3 mins.


2. Receive Application Status

Outcome of the loan with the maximum loan amount and tenure will be provided to you in less than an hour.


3. Fast Cash Disbursement

Head down to your selected Lending Bee® branch, sign the contract and get your money instantly.

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How Can A LASIK Surgery Loan Help?

LASIK surgery is typically regarded as an elective procedure. This means the procedure is not considered to be a medical necessity. Hence, insurance coverage does not usually help to offset the costs of the procedure. However, there are many budget-friendly solutions that make the surgery a financially viable option.

While credit cards eliminate the need for credit approval, they may not be the best solution for this situation. Interest rates for cards can be very high, depending on your credit rating. Since credit cards are a revolving debt, the debt that arises can eventually be much more than what the surgery actually costs.

Funding LASIK with a LASIK surgery loan is a worthwhile alternative. At Lending Bee, our application process is usually completed within a short period of time. All you have to do is fill in our online application form and we will get back to you within the hour.

A LASIK surgery loan can help to cover for every aspect of the procedure. This includes initial consultation visits, the procedure itself, follow up consultations, postoperative care, post-surgery care, extra eye care treatment, LASIK sunglasses, and anything else.

In order to ensure that you do not strain your finances, Lending Bee’s LASIK surgery loan features manageable repayment periods, no revolving debt and fast decisions.

A LASIK Surgery Loan can enable you to see the world without relying on glasses or contact lenses, while keeping financially afloat.

Why Should You Consider LASIK?

LASIK surgery offers several benefits that include the following:

Key Aspects Of LASIK Surgery

LASIK is a corrective form of surgery that deals with a delicate area of the eye.

If you wear contact lenses or glasses, you may consider LASIK to help with your vision. The procedure involves using a laser to reshape the cornea and improve how the eye focuses rays of light onto the retina.

The cornea and lens must refract or bend rays of light in order for them to focus on the retina. When the rays of light do not focus accordingly on the retina, you see blurry images. This is known as a refractive error that is reduced through glasses, contacts and surgery.

The basic types of refractive errors are: Myopia or nearsightedness, Hyperopia or farsightedness and Astigmatism.

Estimated Costs Of LASIK In Singapore

LASIK is still the most popular and common option for laser eye surgery around the world with several millions of people who have undergone the procedure. There are many private clinics and hospitals in Singapore where you can undergo LASIK at.

The cost varies between $3,600 and $6,000.

Medical ProcedureWhat It Is ForCost
Photorefractive keratectomyWhen PRK is used in surgical procedures such as LASEK and Epi-LASIK, a laser forms what is known as a surface ablation. This is done on the cornea and a corneal flap is not created. The procedure is suitable for thin corneas and minimizes complications. $3,599 - $4,000
ReLEX SMILEA flapless surgical procedure that uses laser to create disc-shaped component of corneal right under the surface of the cornea. The laser also removes the corneal tissue by making a tiny cut on the cornea to clear the vision.$5,000 - $6,000
Collagen cross linking An additional procedure that reduces the chances of the cornea losing shape and the problem returning. It aims to strengthen the cornea after the LASIK surgery.$1,199 - $4,000
Do note that the costs reflected above depend on each patient.

The difference in pricing is attributed to the fact that different clinics provide varying services. Some clinics provide packages which include post-operative care such as the initial eye evaluation and follow up reviews and enhancements.

Qualifying For LASIK Surgery

As with all surgeries, there are certain risks that are associated with it. Before going for LASIK Surgery, this is a list of points to consider:

Before applying for a skin cosmetic surgery loan, you will have to consider your current financial situation.

That said, at Lending Bee, we try to make our loans accessible to everyone. Here are some of the requirements needed before you submit your loan application:

Achieve Perfect Eyesight With Lending Bee® LASIK Surgery Loan

The cost of LASIK does not come cheap. As mentioned above, these procedures run into the thousands. However, there are cases where you can use your Medisave – when there is a difference of 300 degrees between your eyes and you are unsuited for contact lenses or glasses.

That said, more often than not, majority of you are unable to use your Medisave to cover for it. Likewise, your insurance company will most likely also not cover for such aesthetic procedures.

This is where an affordable LASIK Surgery loan from Lending Bee can come in handy to help defray the cost of your LASIK procedure. This way, you’ll be able to achieve perfect eyesight without having to worry about issues of cost.

*Final interest charged and loan application time varies for each applicant. 

Let Lending Bee® handle the cost of your LASIK procedure. Apply for a loan with us today.

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