9 Highly Effective Web Design Tips to Improve User Experience And Better Your Business

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Imagine doing a quick google search and clicking on a link. Then you wait, and wait, as the website takes forever to load.

Frustrated? Annoyed? What was the web designer thinking?

However, a website’s slow loading time is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to Web design. There are many other factors that affect the User Experience (UX) when they visit a website.

A reliable website is built on a perfect web design. Ensuring the best user experience is essential to attracting much traffic to the website. Nobody wants to experience a slow page or websites that do not fit on their screens.

Hence, coming up with a reliable website that ensures maximum UX is key to staying at the top of every search engine.

While most companies might opt for hiring an expert web designer to come up with a reliable website, some web designers do not meet the standards required by the best search engines like Google.

The following are some of the most useful website design tips that every web designer should practice to come up with websites that guarantee the best user experience.

1. Research Extensively

Knowing your customers is key to coming up with a website to meet their needs. Various website designs meet different product lines. Therefore, before designing the website, it is wise to conduct market research to find out who your real customers are and what factors of your product or brand must be included in the web design.

The company’s core values, vision, mission, and quality policy must be reflected on the website. If you are unsure of who you are designing for, it is difficult to come up with the right web design.

Loan Application

After establishing the target audience for the website, you should go further to evaluate your buyer persona. Every feature you include on the website must target the respective buyer persona you select.

Consider going through your competitors’ websites to find out their strengths and weaknesses. The analysis of competing websites will help you to come up with a web design that meets your target audience needs.

2. Ensure The Whole Website Is Responsive

Slow websites don’t sit well with visitors.

By 2015, Google came up with a policy nicknamed ‘Mobilegeddon’ that penalizes websites that are not mobile friendly or unresponsive.

These days, most of us browse the web using our mobile phones. Therefore, ensuring that your website is well responsive and caters for all smartphone users is extremely important. Having a responsive website version also enables you to utilize the different SEO tools that will make your website more visible online.

3. Easy Navigation

Some websites are not easy to navigate. This will inadvertently result in high bounce rate, which is not ideal for ranking on search engines.

To circumvent this, you should ensure that your website does not hang and is simple to navigate. Have fewer items on your menu (not more than seven), keep your navigation bar fixed, and try to be more descriptive in every label you put on the website. Web visitors tend to stay longer on websites they can navigate easily.

4. Increase Website Speed And Load Time

Apart from a website being unresponsive, it can also be slow. A website that takes longer to open keeps visitors away.

Delayed load time does not bode well for an online store’s website. A delay in load time slows online transactions and reduces the number of customers leading their carts.

You cannot afford to lose customers because of a slow and unresponsive website. Therefore, ensure that you come up with a website that loads faster. Many tools are available online to help you set up a faster website.

5. Apply Directional Signage

Directional signage helps web visitors to navigate easily across the website. It points to the sections of the website where the user can get what they are looking for without spending time on irrelevant pages.

For an online store, you can include bold directional signs leading the visitor to your products and latest offers available. This practice increases sales and reduces bounce rate at the end. Since most people will be visiting your website for the first time, pointing the way for them will help them to navigate your website easily. You can include the ‘scroll down’ and ‘Shop Now’ buttons that lead the traffic to places you want them to land on your website.

6. Focus On Your Brand

In coming up with the right website, focusing on your brand is essential. Including every feature on the website does not make it useful.

Instead, major on features that are essential to selling your products, which the specific needs of your target audience. To create more room for showcasing what is available, you must learn the balance between positive and negative space. Add white space around products and information to capture visitors’ attention and make them target on your products.

Your focus must stay on coming up with content and design that promotes your company products. Remove all the attributes of your website that make it irrelevant to the target audience, and include only basic features. In coming up with an ideal website, fewer elements may seem more!

7. Include Social Media Aspects

Social media continues to be relevant to marketing. Therefore, every website should include all the social buttons required to establish a robust online presence.

Having social buttons on your website enables visitors to share their views on their social media profiles, thus attracting more customer leads to your site.

8.  Use Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Ideally, sites with pictures, infographics and videos attract more visitors compared to those with plain-text articles. Therefore, to attract more traffic to your website and make it more appealing to your visitors, make sure you include high-quality photos and videos describing the products you offer.

9.  Apply The Right Animation

Animations are critical features of a perfect website. Include videos, slideshows, galleries, scrolling, hover, and scrolling animations to your website to make it more interactive.

The loading animation might be annoying to most visitors but is crucial to ensuring the web visitors are fully engaged to the website. Invest in coming up with the right animations for your website to make it look good and create a better user experience.

Having the right website for your target audience is key to establishing a robust online presence. The website design tips given here are essential to coming up with the right website design that will guarantee maximum visibility and excellent user experience.

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