Top 10 Ways To Get Free Advertising In Singapore

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Top 10 Ways To Get Free Advertising In Singapore
Top 10 Ways To Get Free Advertising In Singapore

Can you really get free advertising? Well, yes. It’s not easy. However, if you spend some time,  you can efficiently promote your business even if you’re on a budget. Here are some techniques to follow and you’ll see more visitors to your website, more conversions, and an increase in your profit!

1. Google My Business

This free advertising tool is essential, no matter where you business is located. Google My Business puts your business up on Google Search and Google Maps.
Therefore, local people will see your business among the top results when they search for the keyword that represents your business industry. For instance, if you’re a restaurant owner and people search “best restaruants in the east,” they’ll be able to locate your name on the map.
Besides, if you’re among the first results on Google, you’re automatically invested with legitimacy. Only relevant businesses rank high in local searches, so more people will choose your business instead of the competitions.

2. Personal Blog, Guest Posts, Classifieds 

If you have some free time, start a blog that promotes your business. You can write or post about anything under the sun. Tutorials, infographics, how you came up with a certain idea, what life behind the scene is. People don’t wish to hear you brag about your product. They want to feel part of your family. They also want to learn how your products can be useful for them.
In Singapore, Classifieds are also popular areas of free advertising. For example, one can get free advertising on sites such as LeadStreet.
Guest posts are a great way to ensure your visibility and notoriety outside your audience. This is also your chance to provide a link back to your website. By doing so, you’ll get more views and build authority. More views combined, with more authority, translate into more points on the relevancy scale. This will in turn see you rank higher on search engines.

3. Partner Podcasts

Podcasts are interview shows at a new level. Podcasts are less structured and create a more familiar atmosphere. Taking part in podcasts together with your fellow businesspeople or with CEOs from different industries makes you more popular. People will find out more about your business, and they can convert into buying customers.
How do you do it? Start with a list of interview ideas and pitch them to different companies who already have appreciated podcasts.

4. Use An Email Signature

Sometimes, even the simplest things can make a difference.
People send e-mails all day long, and probably so do you. Take advantage of this medium by creating a personalized e-mail signature. It should feature your name and official website. This tool is a reliable way to advertise one of your events, a new post, or a contest.
Apart from your e-mail signature, make sure all your social media accounts feature a link to your website.

5. E-mail Newsletters

E-mail newsletters are a fairly controversial way of free advertising. They can appear salesy or spammy, but only if you don’t know how to use them.
Firstly, you’ll need to advertise content that’s relevant for your audience. This can be news and information that helps them solve particular problems. Such content helps you build relationships with your customers and create a loyal brand community.
Secondly, you should use a free newsletter creation tool. These tools help you design convincing, relevant, and appealing newsletters. These tools send all the newsletters automatically at preset dates. In turn, they’ll provide you useful feedback to optimize your newsletters.

6. Offline Networking

There are networking events in Singapore where you can meet professionals from your industry or related domains. People who are, in fact, potential partners or potential customers.
Offline networking allows you to meet prospective leads who are expert in their areas and who could easily become opinion leaders.
If you have a small business and don’t have any connections that could help you grow, offline networking gets your name out there and increases the chances for third-party recommendations.

7. YouTube Videos

Considering that YouTube has over one billion active visitors, and almost 60% of influencers write their content after they research videos, YouTube is a worthy channel for free advertising.
Your videos could be about anything. That said, they should engage the audience and provide relevant information. That way, you can effectively create an appealing brand image and build your reputation. You can entertain, engage, and build a loyal brand community. Examples of videos you can post include:

  • Making-of videos
  • Relevant tutorials about how to use your product
  • Relevant info regarding key aspects of your industry
  • Fun laid-back videos about your company

8. Social Media

The importance of social media as a free advertising tool cannot be over stresesd.
Everyone has a social media account. Thus, it’s no wonder this medium is a crucial tool to connect with your audience and build a reputation. Most platforms allow paid adverts, but, if you want the low-cost option, you could post and share other posts daily.
It’s important to focus on the platforms your audience uses the most. While young people prefer Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are good options for Millennials, and LinkedIn is a more professional platform. All these social media allow you to share texts, photos, videos and share what others have to say.
Don’t forget to follow influential people in your industry, and to respond politely to any questions or provocations.

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9. Online Reviews

Though this is something you don’t have a lot of control over, you can always encourage word of mouth. People trust the opinions of customers with verified purchases. This is why you should ensure that you offer an online badge for paying customers.
With a brand community, it’s easier to determine people to write reviews about your products and events based on their ingrained sense of loyalty. Otherwise, you can send personalized newsletters to paying customers. Ask them if everything is fine and if they’d like to share their opinion about your product. This strategy will, at the very least win you some positive customer support feedback.
Since online reviews come from genuines customers themselves, it acts as a trustable source of free advertising for your brand.

10. Yext

The bigger online presence you have, the more chances there are of being featured among the first search results so people can find your business.
That means you need good local SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which starts with making sure that your listings’ details are exactly the same throughout the Internet. If you, for instance, changed your customer service e-mail address, this change needs to be consistent on every website.
And that’s exactly what Yext does: it searches for websites where your business details are listed and highlights inconsistencies that could affect your profit.
Getting your business out in the market can be tough. Especially so for new business owners. With our list of methods to attain free advertising, you’ll be able to slowly get your business out on the map. In time to come, your business will slowly start to gain traction.
Apart from the above 10 ways to get free advertising, you can also check out our list of the most effective online marketing tools that can deliver results!

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