A close study of Southeast Asian e-commerce market places, which include Qoo10, reveals that there has been a significant increase in online shoppers. What this means is the buyers and profits have increased substantially.

In the same regard, online sellers have also multiplied exponentially. What is the net effect of all that? Increased competition and possibly lower earnings.

For this reason, effective strategies are necessary to overcome the competition while getting more sales. In this guide, you will learn the tips and tricks essential for standing out and succeeding on Qoo10.

1. Perform Competitor Research

Your competitors can teach you many things you didn’t know. For this reason, study the market and the strategies your competition relies on to develop new ideas.

Start by buying what your competitors produce. This way, you interact with the product directly, thereby learning its quality as well as the steps competitors follow to sell and deliver. On top of that, familiarize yourself with the product descriptions to improve your understanding of the strategies implemented to attract new clients.

You can also analyse your competitor’s after-sale customer service.

2. Have Impeccable Product Descriptions

All power sellers feature their products with relevant, fresh, and accurate product descriptions. Without convincing descriptions, you’ll not receive as many orders as you would like.

Remember that online shoppers cannot touch, smell, and hold your products before buying. They base their purchase decisions solely on the product descriptions and images.

Therefore, ensure the pictures and descriptions are of the highest quality.

3. Fully Comply with the Marketplace SLAs

In all marketplaces, including Qoo10, online sellers must abide by the conditions set up in Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Mostly, the SLAs tackle issues related to shipping.

Power sellers can only thrive by adhering to SLAs at all times.

Impress your customers by processing and shipping all orders in the shortest time possible. Ensure that the SLA compliance results are top-notch to enhance your products’ visibility while making yourself eligible for incentives.

4. Personalize Your Online Store

Online marketplaces typically offer space for creating your homepage, which you can use for interacting with prospects while narrating your brand values and success stories. Add quality images and videos to give your clients an easy time connecting with your brand emotionally.

Where appropriate, publish your products with a story.

For example, narrate the qualities that make your product unique from others. Alternatively, the story can focus on the experience a customer felt after buying your product.

5. Focus on Customer Complaints and Returns

You will face challenges as you try to impress your customers or build long-lasting relationships with them.

Mistakes happen. The marketplace will also penalize you for errors. Moreover, sales terms and conditions tend to favour buyers. Consequently, try to solve customer complaints fast to retain your place on top of the seller list.

How do you do all that?

Pay more attention to after-sale customer service. You should never ignore complaints and feedback from your clients. After all, negative reviews damage brand reputation.

Additionally, simplify return policies and all related procedures to strengthen customer trust.

6. Align Your Promotions with the Marketplace Trends

Align promotions with the Qoo10 marketplace trends. As you will note, market strategies often focus on next season’s sales, discounts, and themes. Maximize all this by aligning the promotions with ideas that increase your conversion rates.

Boost sales on your channel through promotions as well as discounts and offers.

In the short-term, prolonged promotions will affect your overall earnings. In the long-term, they increase brand awareness. As your orders increase, put more emphasis on your earnings while optimizing promotions.

7. Keep Your Store Regularly Updated

Unlike offline stores, online stores operate 24/7, which enables customers to make purchases even during your non-active hours. Therefore, keep all products, promotions, stock, and all relevant information up to date.

Also, increase your visibility and access to more consumers by introducing new products. In that regard, you should carefully track your inventory. Be ready to start receiving several orders the moment you place your product online.

Consequently, you have to check that your stock never runs out. Acquire the stock early in case you don’t produce it yourself. Otherwise, numerous delays could cause cancellations and soil your reputation.

8. Work with Top-notch Logistics Partners

Collaborate with top-notch logistics partners to impress your clients. Such partners will help you avoid delays and penalties while ensuring that all products reach the intended customer on time.

Before doing that, check that your pricing includes logistics as well as shipping costs to avoid losses. This also means that you should carefully track your shipments.

This is especially important if you adopt a multi-channel sales model, listing on multiple sites apart from Qoo10. Keep a keen eye on shipping costs and timely deliveries.

Remember that you’ll be selling your products in multiple locations. Therefore, work with efficient shipping partners to reduce the costs and guarantee timely deliveries.

9. Improve Sales with Order Management

Managing online sales can be tiresome and time-consuming. Therefore, you should invest in excellent e-commerce marketplace management software, as it will boost your sales and productivity massively. The software automates all your processes while eradicating or reducing errors.

Most of all, remember that customers love online retailers who make them feel appreciated. Therefore, learn to offer superb customer service.

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