Here’s 15 Interesting Corporate Team Building Activities In Singapore (2019 Update)

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Team building isn’t just about fun; it’s about finding the right activity to help a team grow. As the workplace evolves with better technology and higher education, building a happy and productive team is not all about profits and salary. Teamwork and culture plays a huge role.

So, how can you build a united and happy team?

The article below discusses 15 of the best corporate team building activities in regards to the abilities they exercise and the skills the participants learn.

1. Singing And Dancing At Team Music

Team Music is the award-winner of prizes like Bronze Winner for Human Resources and Best Corporate Team Building & Conference Specialists – Hong Kong.

The activities offered by Team Music allow co-workers to interact, bond, learn together and even engage in some friendly competition. The employees learn how to dance, sing, or write and create their music videos. People don’t require any prior musical experience; they will learn how to sing and dance together.

Team Music boasts five team building programs that promote collaboration, shaping of distinct roles, creative play, leadership and resilience to stress. We all need a stress reliever sometimes.

For instance, BANDINC is a socially-inclusive program that teaches people how to sing together as a band. At the end of the program, they will learn two songs together, regardless of their experience with music. This program, like all the others offered by Team Music, can be adapted for corporate events. As such, the employees can perform at Christmas Parties or at the company’s events.

2. Giant Whack A Mole At The Fun Empire

Giant Whack A Mole tries to imitate the popular namesake arcade game.

This team building activity is new in Singapore, proposing a giant version of this game, where employees are the moles that emerge from the wholes. One person sits in the middle with a safe-to-use inflatable mallet and tries to catch the moles.

People need to work together and develop communication skills. They exercise their ability to think fast, to make good prognosis, while also relieving stress through laughter and physical activity.

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The game can be adapted to the needs of the team courtesy of the different modes available. All these programs promote bonding, communication, and teamwork.

3. Cycling At Pulau Ubin

This team building activity is meant for dynamic people who likes physical activities. The Pulau Ubin Island offers breathtaking views for teams to explore as a group. This activity requires collaboration to ensure everyone is safe and making good progress on the game’s goals.

Apart from teamwork, this activity relieves stress, focuses on time management, strategic thinking and encourages friendly competitions between the cyclists.

This team building activity has various hidden flags, which the teams need to find to win points. The employees have various maps at their disposal so that they can get the layout of the island. They are also given clues where the flags are, which they will have to interpret fast and creatively.

Cycling at Pulau Ubin is a challenging game that unites teams by helping them work together, strategize, and create memories they can talk about later.

4. Art Jamming At The Fun Empire

Art Jamming is a worthy choice for a variety of teams.

Learning how to paint is a good exercise in creativity for teams who need to come up with an innovative solution to a problem. It’s also a good way to relax and relieve stress after a hectic period. Art jamming can help members of new teams to get to know each other, to learn how to work together and assign roles.

This activity can be done either on canvas or tote bags, depending on the people’s preferences or the final goal of this activity. Either way, the employees can bring home their art, which will serve as a token of their teamwork.

Art jamming creates a sense of accomplishment and unites participants. Teams can choose to do their art on group canvases, which are large enough for the whole team to play. Afterward, these canvases can be displayed at the company’s reception or conference room.

5. Virtual Reality At The Fun Empire

With the recent craze, more and more people are getting curious about virtual reality. Or, VR for short.

VR at The Fun Empire offers a different sort of games for various purposes. The most popular options include Arcade games, horror games, and role-playing games with a variety of customizations.

A team in search of a good adrenaline rush and a way to relieve stress can fight zombies. A team who needs to learn collaboration and problem-solving skills can solve puzzles.

The Fun Empire helps with the event planning courtesy of professional service staff. The events are customizable and therefore, flexible to meet the requirements of various teams. There are event extras, like food catering, sound system, bus transport, or prizes. The standard virtual reality pack lasts for at least one hour so the activity can be done after work during weekdays.

6. Running Man Race At Griness

The Running Man, inspired by a favorite Korean show, activates a team’s ability to strategize, creatively solve problems, compromise, and manage time. This game is intended for energetic people who enjoy adrenaline-pumping and challenging activities.

With flexible timing, this race is based on a series of funny challenges which the employees need to go through. The purpose is to snatch their competitors’ name tags while keeping their own.

The Running Man Race is a versatile activity, as it can take place in most outdoor venues. With already 100+ runs, this popular game is easy to customize for the precise purposes of different teams.

Besides this activity, Griness has more than 20 other options for teambuilding games. Its professionalism and ingenuity are reasons why this company has been voted Best Team Building Training Provider four years in a row by Human Resources, Singapore.

7. Laser Tag At Laser Tag Singapore

This activity has the advantage of versatility, as it can take place in any venue in Singapore and it’s available seven days a week.

Besides, Laser Tag is an entertaining game that takes place at a rapid pace. The teams are challenged and have to compete in various missions. This friendly competition relieves stress is a good way to engage the employees in times of work conflicts.

Laser Tag is a comprehensive game because, apart from the friendly competition, participants inside the teams have to work together to devise a good strategy. This is a good idea for teams who have issues collaborating, splitting roles, or need more help with their group problem-solving skills.

There are various missions available so people can choose according to their needs and preferences. At the end of the day, these battle stories can unite your employees better than any other activity.

8. Terrarium Workshop At Terrarium Singapore

Available 7 days a week, the Terrarium Workshop is a good way for teams to learn more about collaboration and what it takes to acquire new knowledge. This activity is relaxing and entertaining, allowing people to understand the intricacies of building a terrarium.

Two options are available, either an individual or a group session, with all materials provided for both activities. In the individual session, participants work independently on their terrariums so they can compete at the end for the best terrarium. In the group session, more people work at a big terrarium bowl, so they learn about teamwork and careful planning.

People learn how to share ideas, how to assign roles, and how to be creative. They will decorate their terrariums with figurines, colored sand, and stones, so everyone contributes, and people learn there is no such thing as a bad idea.

9. Combat Archery At Combat Archery Tag

Combat Archery can be held at different venues and is available seven days per week. Participants learn to use a bow and arrow and don’t worry, prior experience is not required. Missions like The Last King or The Revival teach people how to work together towards various goals.

This activity combines archery games and dodgeball, making it better suited for active or energetic people. Employees need to make quick decisions and keep pace, which activates their strategic decision-making brain areas.

As it’s so fast-paced, participants will fill a rush of adrenaline that is good in times of stress or workplace conflicts. This friendly competition is safe because all the arrows are foam-tipped, and a good way to learn how to dispel tensions and assign roles.

10. Wine Appreciation At TFE HQ Mountbatten

Team building activities doesn’t always have to involve running and lots of movement. Sometimes, it can be relaxing activities such as sipping wine.

With a duration of 2 hours, Wine Appreciation is a good way to unwind after a hard day and experience wine tasting together with friends. There are various extras available, including transport and catering, to make this experience complete.

Wine Appreciation has people sample different types of wine, teaching participants how to appreciate their tang and fragrance.

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This team building activity centers on relaxation and teamwork. People learn more about the health benefits and the characteristics of good wine. They can find a mutual passion, share stories, and have a new, interesting topic to talk about at their other outings.

11. Bubble Soccer At Bubble Bump Singapore

Another versatile activity that’s available seven days a week and can be held at any venue in Singapore, Bubble Soccer has various benefits for a team.

As participants dress in giant inflatable bubbles and bump around on the field, they are encouraged to face difficult tasks and adapt to out of the ordinary situations.

Trust us that this activity will be amusing. Playing this game will be so hilarious that it can help people unwind with their difficult work situations. This game teaches participants how to solve workplace conflicts friendly because they work in teams that compete with each other.

Team playing entails assigning roles, good communication, and devising well-thought strategies. This activity is fun, yet teaches analytical thinking through its wide array of missions.

12. Boxing At Box Office Fitness

Boxing is a good way to relieve stress and a session at the Box Office Fitness can relax people who deal with stressful work environments and give them an energy boost.

Boxing is a good way to bond people in a team because they work out together and have to face similar challenges. People who are good at boxing will find a passion that unites them, while those who dislike this activity can make fun of their maladroitness.

This activity is safe because the Box Office boasts Aqua Training Bags. People can learn basic moves and techniques, sculpt their muscles and reap the benefits of a total body workout.

13. Cooking Class At The Fun Empire

Everyone knows that Singapore is a paradise for foodies so most Singaporeans love quality food. This workshop allows participants to appreciate their food even more as they learn how to cook it.

Cooking together with other people, exercises various abilities. People learn how to assume various roles, how to work together creatively, how to accept all ideas and deliver the best result.

This activity is pleasant and engaging, but also creates a sense of accomplishment because people will eat the meal they’ve created together.

More participants can work together in teams and they can compete at the end of the session. This is a fun way to exercise strategic thinking and get involved in a friendly competition at the end of which everyone is happy.

14. Escape Room At The Fun Empire

The Escape Room has gained popularity throughout the world thanks to its ability to unite teams that learn to work together. Lots of videos and reviews have been written about escape rooms where people talk about their experience and how fun the activity is.

Through the Escape Room, participants learn the power of assigning roles, of accepting all ideas and of solving a conflict. In a sense, the team members will be forced to learn how to work together as they are trapped. The Escape Room exercises time management and analytical thinking while giving participants a good adrenaline rush.

This activity is good for new teams with employees who don’t know each other, as well as teams with people who feel undervalued by their co-workers.

15. Trampoline At Orchard

Jumping on a trampoline is an excellent way to relieve stress, to try new things and give the left side of the brain a chance to cool off. Escaping gravity by bouncing off the walls is an adrenaline-pumping, fun activity that gives people a chance to have fun and bond with their co-workers.

There is one assigned trainer to every 20 participants and the activity lasts in the ballpark of two hours. People can exercise their creativity, learn new tricks, and gain more confidence. This is a good activity for shy people, as well as those who are creatively-challenged or overworked. 


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