Mattress buying may not seem like a quintessential life endeavour, but you’d be surprised how important it is.

A good night’s rest ensures you with enough energy for the next day. Sleeping correctly ensures you’re waking up rested and pain-free, so read to tackle your day. Conversely, if the mattress you’re sleeping on every night doesn’t suit you, your life quality will plummet.

Here’s the deal: quality mattresses aren’t cheap, but your well-being is worth the investment.

Otherwise, you can prepare to fork out ten times the cost of that mattress for physical therapy, consultations, and pills.

If you don’t want that, read Lending Bee’s article below to choose the right mattress for your needs.

Cheap Vs Expensive Mattresses

You can find cheap mattresses like those from Ikea for below $500. While these aren’t downright uncomfortable, they’re not the best either because:

  • They wear out faster, which means you’ll have to reinvest in another mattress within a year or two at best.
  • If you don’t make this investment, and you continue to sleep on a mattress that no longer supports your body in the correct position, you can trigger misalignments in your body. These lead to chronic pain.
  • The original mattress comfort isn’t premium.

Conversely, premium quality mattresses:

  • Use patented technology, so they mould to your body shape
  • Prevent chronic pain
  • Last 7-10 years

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6 Types Of Mattresses In Singapore

What types of mattresses are there? How do you choose the right mattress?

First, let’s discuss Bed-in-a-Box.

While that’s actually an American company’s name, the term bed-in-a-box has become similar to online mattress shopping. Some Singaporean brands like Haylee or Noa Sleep use top quality materials at reduced prices because they have fewer expenses than offline outlets.

That said, here’s how to choose your mattress:

1. Standard innerspring mattresses

  • The most affordable
  • Provide a bouncy feel, which feels great at first, especially if you don’t like sinking into your bed as you would with a soft foam mattress
  • They can squeak, and the coils can stick out with time
  • They don’t provide top pressure relief

2. Pocketed coil innerspring mattresses

  • Some speciality brands produce these mattresses, which are more quality than standard innerspring.
  • They provide that bouncy comfort and prevent you from sinking in your bed.
  • Their decreased motion is better because it isolates movements between different parts of the mattress. That means you won’t feel your partner’s twists and turns as much during sleep.
  • They’re a bit more expensive than standard innerspring mattresses.

3. Memory foam mattresses

  • It’s a premium alternative at most speciality shops.
  • These mattresses contour your body and take the pressure off painful areas because they distribute your weight correctly.
  • They limit motion transfer too.
  • Some memory foam mattresses are cheaper, particularly light and soft ones that allow more sinkage. These mattresses can also feel hotter.
  • You have to choose the right product according to your body shape, weight, size, and pre-existing health problems, which entails more research.

4. Latex mattresses

  • These mattresses are in the top tier price range.
  • You can only find them at a few speciality shops.
  • They’re the best alternative to memory foam mattresses if you want the same pressure point relief and increased support.
  • They don’t retain heat, which means they’re more breathable, and you won’t get as hot as sleeping on a cheap memory foam mattress.

5. Hybrid mattresses

  • Their unique designs entail several layers with distinct features. For example, a standard construction features plush memory foam along with pocketed coils for increased support.
  • They’re pricy.

6. Pillowtop mattresses

  • These products feature additional foam pillow layers at their tops.
  • They feel soft and very plush, which means they’ll offer more sinkage.
  • Their prices depend on the primary material they’re made from.


How Much Do Mattresses Cost In Singapore?


We already tackled the cheap vs expensive dilemma in mattress buying, but you may need more exact prices if you’re planning a purchase soon.

Here are a few brands of mattresses for you to consider:

  • Ikea Mattress: best for affordable memory foam and latex mattresses that bring value for money. These products cost below $300, while the best Ikea spring mattresses are up to $1,200.
  • Sea Horse Maattress: quality mattresses below $2,000 and frequent discounts. This store features some high-quality memory foam and latex mattresses too. Unfortunately, online shops in Singapore only feature low-cost Sea Horse mattresses.
  • King Koil Mattress: best for pocketed coil innerspring mattresses that offer maximum weight distribution. The prices vary from $300 to $2,000 depending on the top layer you’re ultimately choosing.
  • Haylee Mattress: this store’s selling proposition is its mix of quality materials, affordable prices, and deals. For example, the Haylee memory foam mattress costs just $700, but it sports three foam layers with different densities underneath a bamboo cover. This product has a 100-day trial and a 10-year warranty, and you can get it in as little as two hours.
  • Noa Mattress: a slightly more expensive bed-in-a-box store that uses more expensive materials, such as latex. Remember that this material is the most breathable, whereas cheap or mid-range memory foam mattresses are warmer because they retain heat. Plus, these mattresses come with more extended warranties.
  • Vono Mattress: best for chronic back pain thanks to their ergonomic products designed by Swiss specialists. For example, the ErgoBed models feature several zones that use pocketed coils in different designs to contour your body better. You can find many excellent products by Vono at below $2,000.
  • Leesa Mattress: features three memory foam models below $3,500. So, you can choose a standard memory foam bed, a hybrid memory foam with innerspring, and a hybrid between foam and dual-pocket spring design. Unfortunately, Leesa is an American brand and doesn’t ship directly to Singapore, so you’ll find just a few options on Amazon.
  • MaxCoil Mattress: the mattresses here cost up to $10,000, though the Courts online store has massive discounts that can reach up to 70%. These products use a base of pocketed-coil innerspring layers designed to promote stability, comfort, and pressure relief. You can find different hybrids as well, with latex and foam tops.
  • Tempur Mattress: mattresses up to $10,000 with distinct firmness and support. These products are allegedly NASA-approved, and they use innovative patented technologies to maximise your comfort.
  • Slumberland Mattress: best for latex and foam-latex mattresses under $10,000. They offer frequent sales.
  • Sealy Mattress: offers several ergonomic models that alleviate chronic back pain, such as Posturepedic mattresses. This brand features innerspring designs that provide increased bounciness and support. However, the Sealy mattresses lifespan doesn’t go much more than five years or so.
  • Simmons Mattress: with its BeautyRest technology, Simmons mattresses ensure you’ll get up rested each morning. Besides, their foam mattresses are exceptionally breathable thanks to unique materials and technologies that promote breathability. These products can cost up to $12,000, but you can find more affordable models at $2,000.
  • Dunlopillo Mattress: best for fully latex mattresses with different levels of firmness. You can find models in the $600-$12,000 price range, although most cost around $2,000.


Getting The Mattress That Best Meets Your Needs

While a mattress is expensive, it is an important investment for your well-being and health. Know that a good mattress can last you for several years. 

When you buy a mattress, you have to remember that you’re investing in your health, well-being, and productivity. Sleeping well alleviates stress, prevents chronic pain, and improves your mood. Besides, restful sleep stabilises your hormones, significantly impacting your life – from heart health to weight and happiness.

There were cases where patients seek medical loans to fix their health issues.

Obviously, there’s the money issue. And obviously, you’re tempted to choose a $200 mattress over a $10,000 one.

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