Bored At Home This Circuit Breaker Period? Here Are 10 Games To Keep You Entertained

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The circuit breaker period that recently started might probably have left you with a lot of free time on your hands, plus a fair share of stress. Singapore’s circuit breaker period will last from the 7 April 2020, to 1 June 2020.
Video games are good distractions and help pass the time more easily. However, it’s important to get only the best games, or you’ll get even more frustrated than you already are.
Here are 10 popular circuit breaker games that will help you blow some steam during this challenging period.
Through these games, you can also take the opportunity to spend some quality time with your family and friends!

1. Pummel Party

You’ll like Pummel Party especially if you’re a fan of arcade-style games. This game will have you in a virtual world, fighting with your friends. The participants throw dices to find out how many steps they’re able to take on the map in their quest for “cups”.
What makes Pummel Party different is the mini-games you’ll play between rounds, which establish new power structures and advantages. Besides, you can steal your friends’ victories right as they’re about to win. What could be better?
Cost: $14.50
Link: Click here for details

2. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

This circuit breaker period leaves you with a lot of free time to start doing some housework. However, doing housework in real life isn’t nearly as much fun as doing it in a game. That’s because Animal Crossing allows you to craft unique furniture for your campsite.
Another reason to try Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is that it donates part of its profits to museums that have closed during the COVID-19 outbreak. So while you play, you can also contribute to keeping museums open.
Cost: Free, but you may make in-app purchases
Link: Click here for details

3. Crossy Road

While you’re stuck at home for the COVID-19 circuit breaker, try this game. You can play it online for free, and you’ll get addicted pretty quickly. That’s because playing Crossy Road is very much like going outside during the COIVD-19 outbreak.
As such, your objective is to get across an array of roads, avoiding obstacles. For instance, once you get to a river, you need to find something that floats to get you across. Otherwise, the bald eagle kills you.
Cost: Free. Characters cost from $0.99 to $3.99.
Link: Click here for details

4. Terra Mystica

You can find Terra Mystica on Board Game Arena, a huge host of classic board games. The best part is you can play all of them immediately because you don’t have to download anything.
Terra Mystica is a game that lasts between 60 and 150 minutes. You need between two to five people to play it, and each of you will get a slice of land in a new environment. You’ll need to use your strategic planning skills to terraform your land and fight other governors.
Cost: $88.96 on, $92 on Shopee, and $110 on Carousell
Link: Click here for details

5. Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Cooped up at home during the circuit breaker period makes you want to go out and kick some COVID-19 behind.
The best way to do that, though, is staying inside and playing a superhero game. Lego Marvel Super Heroes is a top choice because you get to fight a lot of baddies.
This Lego-themed adventure game allows you to fly, smash, or shoot your enemies. All the while, you’ll be discovering iconic locations from the Marvel Universe, while getting your frustration out.
Cost: $29.90 on Shopee
Link: Click here for details

6. Overcooked

Lots of influential people started baking and posting Instagram pictures of their culinary successes. If you want the cooking experience without all the mess, order your food online and play Overcooked with your friends.
All you need is three other people. Together, you’ll be making and cooking your customers’ orders. Plot twist: only by cooking these meals in the game’s weird kitchens can you save the Onion Kingdom from the ancient edible evil.
Cost: $22.60 on the website; about $40 for Overcooked 1 and Overcooked 2 on Carousell
Link: Click here for details

7. Ori And The Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest is a good choice if:

  • You enjoy in-game aesthetics, such as music and images.
  • You like doing puzzles.

In this game, you’ll be using your analytical thinking to save the blind, withering forest. Although it’s not an epic journey in the sense of zombie-killing-adventure-games, Ori and the Blind Forest will give you an eerie, satisfying experience.
Cost: $19.90
Link: Click here for details

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8. Sea of Thieves

The Sea of Thieves takes you on an epic journey and endless adventures in a pirate paradise.
You can either play alone or go with a crew to explore this enchanting, adrenaline-filled world. You’ll like the rich, diverse storylines, as well as your character’s freedom to decide various deals and voyages.
If you want a little more competition, you can enter the Arena. Here, you’ll get acquainted with the Sea Dogs and take part in various competitions. You’ll need to find different treasures, so you have to persevere, strategize, and work with your crew.
With that in mind, the Sea of Thieves will keep you entertained for hours, as you learn the ropes of sailing and fighting.
Cost: $2.56 to $45.22 (in-app purchases)
Link: Click here for details

9. Heads Up!

This popular game is endorsed by lots of big names, such as Ellen DeGeneres, who frequently plays it on her show.
That’s probably because Heads Up! is an addictive and hilarious game of charades. Each participant’s phone will show a card, which the other people will try to mimic. Your job is to guess what your card says before time runs out.
The best part is you can play with your kids as well, cutting your way through the 40 different decks. You can also record your games and make funny videos that you can later post online.
Cost: Free with in-app purchases ($1.28/ pack)
Link: Click here for details

10. Dreams

Art helps you get past the anxiety caused by the circuit breaker measures. As you immerse yourself into an enchanting world, hone your skills and improve your creativity. Dreams allows you to paint, sculpt, and make music.
Even if you don’t think of yourself as creative, Dreams will prove you different. You can create unique works of art, as the creators of this game promise to let you make whatever you want.
Cost: $57.84
Link: Click here for details

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