Lending Bee Gives Away 50 Free Masks Per Person, A Total Of 300,000 Free Masks To Be Distributed

As the COVID-19 pandemic ensues, Lending Bee will be distributing 50 free surgical masks to members of the community. We estimate that a total of 6,000 people will stand to benefit from this cause. During these unprecedented and precarious times, we believe that everyone has a part to play in combating the virus and keeping it at bay. 50 Free Masks Each To Singaporeans To Battle The Coronavirus Pandemic At Lending Bee, one of our four commitments include doing what’s right. We hope that these free masks from Lending Bee will help members of the community meaningfully, while encouraging them to step up and play their part in alleviating the COVID-19 situation. To be eligible for the 50 free surgical masks, all you have to do is walk into any of Lending Bee’s four branches (Orchard, Toa Payoh, Bedok North, Jurong East) and our loan officers will provide you with the free masks. It’s that simple! Surgical masks are given out on a first come first serve basis. While we are relieved that the Singapore government has controlled the COVID-19 situation pretty well, we must not rest on our laurels. Now that we will be entering Phase 2, and Phase 3 eventually, let us all unite and emerge as a stronger Singapore together!

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COVID-19: All You Need To Know About Singapore’s Circuit Breaker Measures

Singapore’s circuit breaker measures announced came into effect on 7 April, 2020 and will last till 1st June, 2020. The government has advised the public to stay inside as much as possible, unless for essential services. That way, you’ll help decrease the rate of COVID-19 spread in Singapore and flatten the curve. But if you’re like most people, you might still have some uncertainties. What qualifies as an essential service? How often can you get out of your home? And what can you do to protect yourself and others? We have summarised all the dos and don’ts this circuit breaker period. Be sure to follow them strictly. Otherwise, the circuit breaker measures can be prolonged past May 5th. Do Circuit Breaker Measures Help And When Will They End? Self-distancing and the other circuit breaker measures have proven to halt down the spread. The truth is we need more time to understand how this virus works and how to stop it. Recent news shows us how little we understand about the COVID-19 spread. That’s why the best protection is voluntary isolation. The government has recently announced the extension of the circuit breaker till 1 June 2020, but we may still be asked to practice social distancing and thorough hygiene. What Are The Essential Services I Can Leave My House For? These services include essential needs that you can’t live without. We know some people can’t live without getting their nails done, but that doesn’t qualify as essential in this case. You can go out of your home to get groceries and medicine or take care of banking issues, but remember to: Order online because delivery people are trained in how to protect themselves. Try a variety of restaurants, bars, and hawkers markets with delicious meals and your favourite bottled cocktails. Get groceries for a few days. If you forgot a non-essential thing on your shopping list, such as soda, don’t go back for it. Use a mask and gloves when you’re going to supermarkets or using public transport. Don’t dawdle. Make a list at home and do your shopping quickly. What Happens To

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Singapore’s Zero-Waste Masterplan: What Exactly Is It?

Did you know that Singapore generated 763 million kg of food waste in 2018? That’s the weight of more than 54,000 double decker buses! As you get appalled by the sheer waste that we generate, you might be thinking if the Singapore government is doing anything about it. Yes. You’ll be glad to know that they are. In fact, they have designated 2019 as Singapore’s year towards Zero Waste. You’ve probably seen countless advertisement on the importance of going green. All this is part of Singapore’s effort towards a zero waste future. Importance Of Going Plastic Free As plastic is non biodegradable, if thrown away and not reused, it’s most likely going to lead to plastic pollution. Each year, 30 million tons of plastic get disposed. It’s also important to understand that Earth is running out of landfill space at an alarming rate which is another reason why we should try to reuse plastic as much as possible. Going as plastic-free as possible has many advantages: You become aware of the compulsive need you have to buy new things, most of which are completely useless, but you still want them for social status, to impress others or to fill a certain lack in your life. You create a better world for your children, one with less pollution, less stress, and a milder weather. The high plastic consumption and unnecessary waste will inevitably accelerate climate changes, with negative effects throughout the world. You create a better world for the people who currently inhabit it. Certain areas near major seas are completely submerged into waste. Various third-world people, including children, work rough hours to create more disposable products and cheap clothing. You create a better world for animals who are currently ingesting plastic and dying horrific deaths or see their habitats being destroyed under mountains of plastic waste. What You Can Do To Play Your Part There are many things you can do to play your part. The first step is being aware that too much plastic and needless disposable products are making life more difficult – or sometimes impossible – for

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