There is no such thing as the best rewards credit cards in Singapore. There are just the right cards for your needs.

With so many credit cards in Singapore to choose from, we understand that it can get a little confusing. If you’re not careful, you could easily end up in debt and need a credit card consolidation loan to help you out.

Not to worry, let us compare eleven of the most popular cards that fit different users.

Keep reading to choose a practical credit card with plenty of perks you’ll use!

UOB One Card 

UOB One Card 
Annual fees:$192.60 (none for the first year)
Cashback percentages:5% rebate on general spend
Rewards:- Maximum 10% on Grab, Shopee, Dairy Farm Singapore & some UOB travel
- 6% on utility bills
- Maximum 20.80% savings at Shell and 24% at SPC. 
- Get $150 cashback for each $1,500 minimum purchase
Cashback caps:-

The UOB One Card is best if your minimum expense budget per month is constantly $2,000 and you want effortless cashback for these expenses. This credit card also features excellent discounts when you’re using it to pay your bills.

Conversely, the UOB One Card isn’t terrific if you’re spending much more than $2,000/month and want limitless rewards. This card also won’t fit people with inconsistent spending budgets or those who won’t charge $2,000/ month on their credit cards.

If your monthly spending is not that high, you might want to consider other rewards credit cards.

Maybank Family & Friends 

Maybank Family & Friends
Annual fees:$180 (3 years fee waiver)
Cashback percentages: - Maximum 8% rebate on food and drinks, food delivery, gas, TV streaming platforms, and transport
- You need to spend at least $800 to benefit from these discounts. 
- If you only spend $500, your rebates get to 5%. 
- Less expensive purchases get you a 0.3% rebate.
Rewards:- Maximum $30/quarter with every $300 you spend monthly. I
- If you withdraw at least $250 for two consecutive months from Maybank Credit Card and Credit Able, you will receive $100 cash credit. 
- The promotion is valid until June 30th, 2021. 
Cashback caps:-

Unlike the UOB Credit Card, Maybank Family and Friends is the best credit card if you’re a low-spender looking for an incredible flat rate. As such, your monthly expense budget should fit around $500-$1,500.

Maybank Family and Friends is also a good choice if you’re spending equal time in Singapore and Malaysia (though that is not possible with COVID-19 for now). You can get discounts on your groceries and transport, plus you won’t pay any fees for the first three years.

Citi Cash Back Card 

Citi Cash Back Card 
Annual fees:$192.60 (no payments during the first year)
Cashback percentages:8% cashback on grocery,  6% cashback on dining, 0.25% cashback on all other purchases
Rewards: - Up to 20.88% fuel savings at Esso & Shell  
- 8% cashback at different gas stations
- If you’re a new Citibank cardmember, you’ll benefit from the Dyson Cool™ AM07 Tower Fan that costs $499. 
- Alternatively, you will obtain $350 in cash for every $200 you spend during the next 30 days after activating your card. 
- This promotion is valid until April 30th, 2021. 
- If you already have a Citibank card, you’ll get $30 with PayNow. 
Cashback caps:$80/month

Citi Cash Back Card is an excellent choice if you have an average expense budget that you’re primarily using for food and transport. Users don’t really spend a lot.

This credit card is also best if you’re mostly eating in and aren’t a big social spender.

DBS Altitude Visa 

DBS Altitude Visa
Annual fees:$192.60 (none during the first year with DBSALT code until June 30th, 2021)
Cashback percentages:$250 cashback with the code DBSFLASH after applying and one spend (deadline: April 29th, 2021)
Rewards:If you pay the annual fee, you can get 10,000 air miles. If you’re charging at least $25,000 annually on this card, you can receive:
- No yearly fee
- 10,000 miles 
- 1.2 miles/ $1 spent locally
- 2 miles/ $1 spent abroad
- 3 miles/ $1 spent on online bookings
- These miles have no expiration date
- Other perks such as travel insurance, dining privileges, free lounge access, and more

This card is for all travel lovers! They offer miles when used.

DBS Altitude Visa is the best air miles credit card for people with diverse spending habits. If you’re an average spender and make most travel reservations online, consider this card. The best part is that DBS Altitude’s miles do not expire.

Citi PremierMiles Visa Card 

Citi PremierMiles Visa Card 
Annual fees:$192.60 (none for the first year)
Cashback percentages:-
Rewards:- 10,000 miles that renew each year and that cost $100
- 1.2 miles/ $1 you spend in Singapore
- 2 miles/ $1 you spend abroad
- The miles you’re receiving for each spend have no expiration date
- Two courtesy lounge visits
- Zero-cost travel insurance
- $30 cash with PayNow if you’re already a cardholder
Cashback caps:-

Citi PremierMiles Visa is one of the best rewards credit cards if you’re often flying on a budget. This card will suit you if you want your perks without paying sky-rocketing fees.

Just like any other credit cards, you can call the bank to request for late charge and annual fee waivers! 

Remember: Citi PremierMiles Visa is one of the most flexible air miles credit cards, but it’s not best for luxury perks.

KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card

KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card
Annual fees:$192.60 (none for the first year)
Cashback percentages: - $150 cash credit for each purchase of at least $1,500 (deadline: April 30th, 2021)
- 5% rebate on (deadline: June 30th, 2021)
- 60% rebate on travel insurance with the code Flyer60
- 9% off if you book your hotel on Agoda (deadline: December 31st, 2021)
Rewards:- 3.0 KF miles/$1 with SIA 
- 3.0 KF miles/$1 spent with SIA for food, online shopping, and transport. The minimum required purchase is $500 
- 1.2 KF miles/$1 on general spend in Singapore and abroad
- 10,000 yearly miles 
- 3,000 welcome miles making a minimum purchase of $5 
Cashback caps:-

This is one of the newer cards in town, and was released in 2019.

KrisFlyer UOB is best for SIA’s loyal customers. It has an attractive design, which has the prints of SIA’s signature uniform, the Sarong Kebaya. It’s a really gorgeous card to carry around.

Choose this card if you’re a millennial who prefers online shopping, eating out, and valuable perks.

American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Card

American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Card
Annual fees:$176.55 (none for the first year)
Cashback percentages:- If you’re a new cardmember, you’ll get an Apple Air Pod with a case or:
- If you spend $500 within a month after getting your card, you can receive $180 cashback (deadline: April 30th, 2021) or:
- If you spend at least $3,000 within a month after getting your card, you’ll get 5,000 KF miles and one night paid at Conrad Centennial Singapore. (deadline: June 30th, 2021)
- All new members who spend at least $1 during their first month receive a $20 voucher from the Dairy Farm Group.
Rewards:- 1.1 miles/ $1
- 2 miles/ $1 spent abroad in June and December and on SingaporeAir, SilkAir, and KrisShop
- 3.1 miles/ $1 with Grab within the limit of 620 miles/ month
- Free travel insurance
- Hertz Gold Plus Rewards
Cashback caps:-

The KrisFlyer Card is an excellent option if you’re a newbie, fly a lot with SIA, and want an intuitive card. This isn’t the best credit card for your needs if you spend a lot travelling abroad and usually hunt for expensive perks.

OCBC 365 Card

OCBC 365 Card
Annual fees:$192.60 (spend at least $10,000/ year to waive this fee)
Cashback percentages: - 6% rebate on dining & online food delivery,
- 3% rebate on all groceries
- 3% discount for on land transport, utilities and online travel
- 5% rebate for gas
- 0.3% cashback on the other purchases
- Maximum $120 cashback for insurance if you’re using the OCBC 365 credit card for monthly payments (deadline: June 30th 2021)
Rewards: - Visa Signature Privileges
- High travel & dining cashback
- Unique travel deals
Cashback caps:-

OCBC 365 is one of the best alternatives if you spend at least $2,000/month on many different things.

This card is best if you’re not after air miles or travel-related perks, but rather daily discounts. It is an all-rounded card that meets the needs of most working adults in Singapore.

Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card

Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card
Annual fees:$192.60 (none for the first two years)
Cashback percentages:1.5% for every purchase
Rewards: - Maximum 21% rebate for Caltex petrol
- Apple AirPods Pro that costs $379 or:
- $300 in cash with PayNow if you spend at least $300 during the first 30 days of your card being approved (deadline: May 2nd 2021)
- If you’re already a cardmember, you’ll get a bonus of $30 with PayNow
Cashback caps:Unlimited

For those who dislike credit cards with a minimum spending, the Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card is for you!

There is no minimum spending to enjoy rewards.

Standard Chartered Unlimited is best for people who spend at least $7,000/month and want effortless cashback. This card won’t be good for you if you have a smaller budget, want travel perks, or have specialized spending.

OCBC Frank 

OCBC Frank 
Annual fees:$80 (none for the first two years)
Cashback percentages:- 6% discount for online purchases and on the app
- 6% discount for contactless purchases on your smartphone
- 6% discount when purchasing foreign currency
- 0.3% cashback for your other purchases
- 6% discount for anything of at least $600 that you purchase online, through your smartphone, and FX
Rewards:- No fees if you charge at least $10,000 on your card
- VISA15OFF code for 15% rebate on Zalora for purchases of at least $80 (deadline: June 30th 2021)
Cashback caps:$75/month

OCBC Frank is one of the best rewards credit cards for people with low expenses and Millennials who purchase online or mobile apps.

Citi SMRT Card

Citi SMRT Card
Annual fees:$192.60 (none during the first year)
Cashback percentages:- 5% cashback for all groceries
- 7.3% for FairPrice XTRA Kallang Wave
- $5 Qmoney Cashback for at least $50 worth of purchases at Qoo10 (deadline: May 25th 2021)
Rewards:- 3% online shopping
- 2% on health & wellness
- 5% on fast food, movies & coffee
- Max 14% fuel savings at Esso and Shell
- $6 off for at least $79 purchases at Shopee (deadline: June 30th 2021)
- $5 off for at least $60 purchases at Lazada (deadline: April 27th 2021)
Cashback caps:$600 limit for your yearly SMRT$ discount

Citi SMRT Card is an excellent choice for young people who dine out and do a lot of commuting. If you like shopping and social spending and keep a tight budget to manage your essentials, the Citi SMRT card is a… smrt choice.

Conclusion For Choosing Credit Cards

Well, no matter which credit card you choose, there will usually be rewards and cashbacks to tempt you. The most important thing is to make full payment of your credit card bill. If not, you will easily end up in credit card debt!

Credit card debts are dangerous and have forced several victims to take a loan from loan sharks. Eventually, they find themselves drowning in debt.

If you need a loan to clear your credit card debts, speak to us at Lending Bee. We might have a plan for you.

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