Here Are The Best Websites To Watch And Read Anime / Manga (Paid And Free)

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Looking at websites to quench your anime / manga thirst? Demon Slayer, Sword Art Online, etc. With this guide, you'll be able to watch and read the latest anime / manga!
Here Are The Best Websites To Watch And Read Anime / Manga (Paid And Free)
Here Are The Best Websites To Watch And Read Anime / Manga (Paid And Free)

Naruto, Boruto, Sword Art Online, Hunter x Hunter, Demon Slayer. Or even Pokémon. Do these anime and manga seires ring a bell?

Weebs unite!

Some might wonder where the appeal in anime and manga lies. Here’s why people love them so much: Anime and manga feature suspenseful storylines and top visuals. They can grow with you, and you’ve probably grown with them.

As fans of such quintessential Japanese culture, you’ll definitely know where to watch and read the latest anime/manga series. KissAnime and KissManga are perfect examples. These websites featured shows and magazines for every taste, they were free, and even 1080p HD!

Unfortunately, nothing good lasts forever. After 2020 tested our limits with a few natural disasters and a global-scale pandemic, it also brought stricter copyright rules in Japan.

Fear not, our anime brothers and sisters!

We did some digging and found some excellent replacements. We’ll compare these websites below, so read on to find the best free options as well.

Must Watch Anime Series

Must Watch Anime Series

For the uniniated, if you wish to kickstart your weeb journey, here are some of the best anime series to start:

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1. Sword Art Online (2012 – Present)*

2. Hunter x Hunter (2011 – 2014)

3. Demon Slayer (2019 – Present)

4. One Punch Man (2015 – Present)

5. No Game, No Life (2014)

6. Fire Force (2019 – Present)

7. My Hero Academia (2016 – Present)

8. Haikyu!! (2014 – Present)

9. Kuroko’s Basketball (2012 – 2015)

10. Psycho-Pass (2012 – 2014)

* Most people claim that the first series of Sword Art Online is the best. You can do without watching the rest.

Best Anime Websites In Singapore

Not all anime websites are created equal. Apart from different monthly fees, these websites differ in terms of the offer, unique selling proposition, and user-friendliness.

We’ve analysed all these factors below to help you find the right website:

Website Name Monthly Fee Link
Crunchyroll $10.94
Amazon Prime Video $8.99
Netflix $11.98
ANIPLUS Asia $7.95
$4.50/month (6-month subscription)
$3.95/month (yearly subscription)

1. Crunchyroll: Largest Library Of Anime

Crunchyroll is the number one choice for a lot of people because they have an immense library of anime.

But here’s the real bonus:

You can binge your favourite anime series in HD and ad-free.

What can you watch?

Crunchyroll is famous for its intriguing originals. This is also why Crunchyroll is one of the safest websites for anime; it owns the rights to all its shows, starting with the ones it produced.

You may like shows like Gibiate, which tells the story of a pandemic that turns people into monsters. Very COVID-19, right?

But, Crunchyroll features much more than anime!

You can browse lots of manga, watch some simulcasts, plus visit their online shop.

Then there are the negatives.

You may be disappointed to find out that you can’t download your favourite shows. You’ll also have to read the subtitles because few of your shows are dubbed.

Besides, you can’t click to get to a specific time in your video. Instead, you’ll need to use the traditional rewind/ fast-forward functions.

2. Amazon Prime Video: Top Value And Versatility

Amazon Prime Video is a visual platform included in the Amazon Prime subscription.

This subscription is affordable, and it’s handy if you order through Amazon regularly because it gets you quick delivery.

Basically, you’ll get great shows and grade-A delivery.

Amazon Prime is no Netflix, but it has some exciting originals. For example, The Man in the High Castle features Nazis, alternate realities, and time-travelling! If you prefer a comedy, try The Marvelous Mrs Maisel about a 50s housewife who discovers her sense of humour.

What about anime?

Your choice is pretty good, too.

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Dororo, for example, is a thrilling dark fantasy that will keep you on your toes. If you’re into goldies, Akira is a 1980s anime set in a post-apocalyptic 2019!

Be warned, though: A few Amazon Prime anime series miss some of their first seasons.

3. Netflix: Biggest Video Platform

Netflix is the top choice of people around the world for binging.

You probably already know it has a vast library, unforgettable originals, no ads, and available downloads.

So, here’s your first reason to subscribe:

You want to watch all sorts of different shows, like 3%, Stranger Things, or Mindhunter.

The monthly subscription is another advantage.

You can choose the right plan according to your budget and interests. The family plan is the best because it gives you access to Netflix’s extensive library of shows in HD, with just a few dollars.

Plus, their anime shows are excellent. They’ve recently added a whole bunch of anime series into their library, making your subscription even more worthwhile!

Netflix has good options for every taste, and they all come with the platform’s signature advantages.

But there are a few cons to Netflix.

Compared to Crunchyroll, it features fewer anime series and no manga. Sure, the website’s more comfortable to use, but it’s not for avid anime fans.

4. ANIPLUS Asia: Best Fan Fiction

ANIPLUS Asia is most famous for its suspenseful Japanese anime and manga. The shows and comics feature top visuals and intriguing storylines.

If you like vigilante superheroes, try Samurai Flamenco.

If you prefer coming-of-age stories, try Silver Spoon.

There are also time-travelling stories such as Erased. It’s based on a manga with the same name, but the visuals are much better in the anime.

Then there’s the fan-fiction part.

ANIPLUS Asia lets you immerse in a story entirely through the art you’ll create. Besides, as you check other people’s creations, you’ll get new perspectives on your favourite stories.

Bonus: ANIPLUS Asia rewards the best fan fiction!

The only real disadvantages are the limited array of choices, plus a less intuitive website when compared to Netflix.

Best Sites To Watch Free Anime

Here Are The Best Websites To Watch And Read Anime / Manga (Paid And Free) 1

For those on a budget who don’t wish to commit to a subscription, no worries! There are a few FREE anime websites for you to browse. These include Animepahe, Anime Planet, Animerush, AnimeTV, Aniwatcher, and Gogo Anime!

Best Sites to Read Manga

Best Sites to Read Manga

For those who want te best of both worlds, aka both the anime and manga, we got your back! If you love manga, check out this table below:

Manga Websites Link
Anime Planet
Comic Walker
Manga Eden
Manga Nelo
Manga Park
Manga Plus

Watching And Reading Your Anime / Manga But Not For Long!

2021 is said to bring new copyright rules for anime and manga websites. Therefore, we might not be to access free anime / manga websites for too long in Singapore.

*cues sad music*

The good news is you can subscribe to one of the platforms we analysed.

All of them have reasonable prices, but they offer different perks.

Choose the right platform now to make sure you can still watch your favourite series!

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