In life, not everything will go according to plan. There may be instances when you find yourself running into tricky financial situations, where additional financial help is required.

Running into problems with your finances can be extremely distressing. This is why you should always seek a reliable and transparent financial institution to help in addressing your financial shortfalls. As a licensed moneylender, Lending Bee has served thousand of clients. We are constantly reviewing our available loans to ensure that they are tailored to suit the different needs of Singaporeans.

If you find yourself lacking in funds, a short term loan from Lending Bee can help.
To qualify for a loan with us, the basics include being a Singaporean, or Permanent Resident, and being above 21 years of age.

The Benefits Of Lending Bee’s Short Term Loan

Worried that your bad credit score might severely affect your loan approval chances? Fret not!

We do not simply reject a borrower’s loan application due to a poor credit score. Even if your credit score risk grade stands at HH, chances are that you might still be approved for our short term loan.

Short term loans can get facilitated quickly, and there are situations where a loan can get disbursed within a few hours. If you need the money fast, this would be a suitable option.

It can be challenging to get a loan when you are waiting for your documents to be handled and credit checks. With a short term loan, you will be able to apply for it online, anytime, anywhere, which helps to speed up the process.

Or in some cases, you do not want to get stuck in debt for a long time. Since a short term loan is not borrowed over an extended period and is paid in full promptly, it means there is a possibility of the debt lasting for just a few months. Short term loans are ideal if you do not want to be weighed down by debt or feel that it is essential to pay back your loans soon and on time. With other financing options such as credit cards, the repayment schedule can leave you in debt for a longer time.

Short term loans are available for bad credit; can be arranged quickly and can be paid off fast. With so many licensed moneylenders in the market, it is essential to verify the fees and interest to be sure that you can repay the loan on time and avoid additional costs.

Why Should I Consider A Short Term Loan?


1. Fast Approval

A short term loan is worth considering if you need quick cash and minimal requirements. You can apply for a loan when you want to deal with a cash flow problem or emergency swiftly.

2. Debt On A Short-Term Basis

Long-term loans might not a good idea for some because they can put a strain on your finances, if not dealt with properly. A short-term loan can save you from the frustration that comes with long-term debt because the borrowing period is shortened, and you are required to make repayments within a few months.

3. Improving Credit Rating

A short-term loan gives you the advantage of boosting your credit rating. Improving your credit history makes it easier for you to get lines of credit and loans. Taking a loan and paying it back on time can also have a positive impact on your credit score.

4. Less Interest

You will have to pay additional interest when you fail to make repayments on time. A shorter-term means that you repay your loan faster, and this cuts down how much loan interest you are obligated to pay on loan. Even when the interest rate is higher in comparison to a long-term credit facility, you pay less in the long run.

5. Emergencies

Emergencies can arise, and even the most financially prepared person can face challenges. Stressful situations that range from accidents to car breakdowns can happen at any time and interfere with your daily life without warning. A short-term loan can help you in these situations because you can access it quickly and sort out an unfortunate occurrence when it happens.

A Short Term Loan Can Help Greatly In These Situations!

1. I have an emergency medical bill to pay for. Can I take out a short term loan?


Visiting the doctor and getting prescriptions can quickly drain your finances, even with your health insurancein place. The situation becomes even more urgent if it is a dental emergency or injury that requires immediate attention. A short-term loan from Lending Bee can ease your mind during such frustrating situations.

2. My credit record with banks is less than favourable. Can Lending Bee still provide me with a short term loan?

Banks usually disregard customers who do not have good credit scores. Lending Bee does not turn you away instantly when you have bad credit. We will assess each situation individually and makes an effort to understand your case. If we deem that your financial situation has improved, or that you are able to make repayments on time, you will more or less be qualified for a short term loan.

Compared to other traditional financial institutions, Lending Bee strives to assist as many people as we can.

3. I require a short term loan to cover my wedding costs. What documents do I need to provide?


Getting a short-term loan for your wedding can make it easier to manage your expenses. As with all of our unsecured loans, no collateral or security expected. With competitive interest rates and substantial loan amounts available, you can finance the wedding of your dreams. Here are the documentations that you will require prior to taking out a loan with us:

For Singaporeans / Permanenet Residents (PRs)

  • Original IC
  • CPF statement / Notice Of Assessment (NOA)
  • Billing proof

For Foreigners:

  • Original Work Permit
  • Employment contract / Latest 3 month payslip
  • Billing proof

4. There has been a termite infestation in my home, and I require a short term loan. What is required of me to qualify for the loan?

A termite infestation is undoubtedly a stressful occurrence that usually arises at the most inconvenient time. A short-term loan can be useful to cover the cost of damage and restoration. Below is a set of criteria that you will have to fulfill to qualify for our short term loan:

  • Be a Singapore citizen, or permanent resident of Singapore. For foreigners, you will need to have a passport and employment pass
  • Be above 21 years of age
  • Not an undischarged bankrupt, nor facing any bankrupt proceedings
  • Be permanently employed, have a valid work permit (for foreigners) or self employed with a valid income proof

5. My car broke down recently, and I need extra cash to pay for repairs. What makes Lending Bee’s short term loan stand out?


A vehicle breakdown is among the most unforeseen and common financial emergencies that people encounter.

From flat tires to dead batteries to worn-out brakes and transmission, the list of possible and expensive problems is endless. A short term loan form the Lending Bee can be used to cover the repair costs quickly and get your car back on the road within the shortest time.

Lending Bee is a licensed and legal moneylender. Our main objective is to provide financial help by making loans more accessible through timely, customised and affordable business solutions. Our simple 3 step online loan application process ensures that you will receive your short term loan within hours, or up to a day, if everything goes smoothly.

Aspects Of Short Term Loans From Lending Bee


The entire process of getting a short-term loan can take less than 24 hours. Some instances need more time, but generally, the process is quick when you submit all the required documents. Applying online also greatly speeds up the entire loan application process since you do not have to specially head down to any of our branches just to apply for the loan.

After applying online, our friendly loan officers will get in touch with you and ask that you head down to your preferred branch to receive your loan. Once everything gets duly confirmed, the funds are issued immediately.
Here are some reasons why Lending Bee’s short term loan stands out

  • Easy and fast approval
  • No early repayment fees
  • Fast application online and minimal paperwork required
  • Unsecured loans
  • No collateral or security required

For individuals, a short-term loan may provide an effective way to handle cash flow problems that come up suddenly as well as a source of funds for emergencies.

Tips to Improve Loan Application Chances


Being aware of what the loan application process entails enables you to understand the lender’s expectations and improve your chances of getting your short-term loan approved. The critical stages of the loan application process include:

  • Deciding on the type of loan you wish to apply for
  • Documents required
  • Annual income

1. Type Of Loan

There are various types of loans available, which is why it is essential to be clear about the one that is ideal for your situation.

Different credit facilities get offered to fulfill a variety of needs, including personal loans, education loans, business loans, home loans and wedding loans.

More importantly, it is advisable that you apply for a loan that is ideally one which you can accommodate within your budget in regards to the payments and costs.

2. Documents Required & Application Form

When you need money to cover a particular expense of dealing with a financial emergency, a short term loan can be incredibly helpful.

Once you submit your application form with us, along with the relevant documents, we will be able to know who you are, the type of loan required, and whether you will be able to repay the loan.

This information then enables us to carry out a credit evaluation according to our policies that serve as guidelines for providing financial products.

These policies constitute factors such as borrowers who qualify, credit history, maximum and minimum loan amount, loan term and applicable interest rates and charges.

3. Proof Of Income

As with all licensed moneylenders, we are obligated to ensure that you are financially capable of repaying the loan. This assessment will get completed according to the documentations you provide and proof of income.

We may also request for copies of tax returns in cases where the applicant does not have fixed income. The application will then be expedited when everything is confirmed.

It’s Easy To Apply For A Short Term Loan With Lending Bee!


Having served thousands of valued borrowers over the years, Lending Bee prides ourselves in providing some of the best loans in the market.

We not only aim to make our loans as affordable as possible, but to also strive to provide our borrowers with some of the best loan conditions.

When a small financial emergency occurs, turning to friends and family for help can risk ruining relationships. This is why a short term loan can come in handy. With our affordable and flexible short term loan, you will be able to solve any financial crisis in no time! Apply for a short term loan with us today.

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