13 Must-Visit Nature Hiking Trails In Singapore To Explore And Recharge

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Singapore, the green city is endowed with amazing nature parks, spectacular hills, sparkling wetlands and breathtaking landscapes.

Whether you’re looking for a change of sceneries, a memorable hiking experience, or to simply connect with nature, Singapore offers hefty myriad scenic options.

Here is sneak preview into some of the country’s most striking beauty and nature trails!

1. Chestnut Nature Park

This offers it all-hiking, bird watching, mountain biking, and the chance to connect with nature.

The nature park is especially popular with cycling and hiking enthusiasts thanks to the separate hiking and mountain biking trails.

Chestnut’s 8.2 km-long mountain biking trail vary in difficulty starting from easy, medium, to very difficult and insanely difficult.

For hikers, the park provides a total of 5.6 km of majestic trail. Bird watches will have a chance of photographing some of disappearing species including the rare straw-headed Bulbul.

2. Bukit Timah Reserve

Located a mere 12 kilometers from the bubbly city centre, the Bukit Timah Reserve proudly stands tall shining its unmistakable natural beauty on the island as its highest peak.

Apart from the deep rich war history, the mountain has one of the nation’s thickest and most versatile ecological systems.

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There’s also the rare wildlife- including sunda pangolin- and an astonishingly huge collection of plants and insects. It’s such an experience trekking among the rare vegetation and raw tropical forest.

3. Kranji Marshes

One of the country’s largest freshwater marshes, the Kranji marshes are a sight to behold.

If you’re visiting the area for the first time, you will quickly realise why they are one of the most photographed sites on the island.

Visitors have a choice of walking along the Neo Tiew Woods watching out for birds and interesting reptiles including monitor lizards. One can also spend precious time in the multiple natural habitats.

When the usual raptor migratory season comes, visiting species like the Black Baza plus the Japanese Sparrowhawk dot the area giving visitors a rare chance to enjoy the interaction between the residents and the excited newcomers.

4. Southern Ridges

Another of the crown jewels in the countries landscape, the Southern ridges offers an amazing panoramic view of the bustling city.

Home to a wealth of incredible flora and fauna, it’s a striking swathe of lush green open spaces connecting HortPark, Mount Faber Park, Kent Ridge Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park and the delightful Labrador Nature Reserve.

The Southern Ridges are unique in that one gets to enjoy the feeling of a walk in the forest without actually leaving the city.

Walking enthusiasts, shutterbugs, history buffs, nature lovers and bird watchers looking for a well-rounded outing find it irresistible. It’s the perfect place for family outings, excursions and dates!

5. Sisters’ Island

Sisters’ Islands’ warm blue waters and stunning beaches make them a favorite for Singaporeans and even tourists.

Famous among picnickers and campers, the mythical islands host some of the nation’s richest reefs.

There’s also plenty of buzzing sea life including the giant clam, the octopus, dolphins, starfish, and the seahorse. Groups can even enjoy guided walks free of charge.

6. Changi Coastal Boardwalk

A small paradise for walkers, the Changi coastal Boardwalk is found at Changi Point on Singapore’s easternmost part.

The walk has wide footpaths with some reaching 2.4 metres providing a spectacular view of the rocky coastline.

Also, the boardwalk has night lights that provides a romantic glow and warm ambiance, making the place very popular amongst couples. Simply take a stroll along the boardwalk to unwind while enjoying the view of wondrous waterfronts.

Changi Boardwalk definitely charms its guests with changing scenery and throws in exciting fishing spots along the way. If one is staying at the chalets nearby, be sure to pop by earn in the morning to catch the sunrise!

7. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Recognized as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, Singapore Botanic Gardens are a wealthy blend of gorgeous blooms, beautiful gingers, thrilling traditional plants, magnificent tropical rain forests and more.

The garden has even a dedicated fun place for kid’s garden complete with orchards, a farm, a stream and several ponds. Performances by local musicians and groups such as the Sembawang Wind Orchestra or the Singapore Chinese Orchestra are often held there.

For those in emotional turmoil and need change of scenery, the special therapeutic healing garden can be perfect.

All in all, Singapore’s botanic gardens are a bite of heaven, thanks to the exquisite mix of entertainment, education, adventure, and scenery.

8. Mount Faber

Standing at a relative small height of 105 metres (344 ft.), Mount Faber remains a top tourist attraction in Singapore thanks to its wide array of interesting activities.

In the morning, the various bird species perched deep in the forest and sing melodious rhythms for the visitors. During the day, walkers can test the stamina on the hilly terrain. Delicious cuisine is aplenty at either the impressive Spuds & Aprons or the Faber Bistro. Diners are often able the marvelous views while dining good food.

Sightseeing, nature appreciation and guide tours, there’s a whole lot to do here.

9. Sungei Buloh Wetland Nature Reserve

Curious visitors discover a fresh new world full of rich fauna and flora as they wander through the wetlands within the extensive mangrove forest here. The reserve is Singapore’s pioneer ASEAN Heritage Park and comprises of mangroves, ponds, mudflats, and forests.

It’s also an important temporary home for dozens of migratory birds species.

Fun-seekers will love trekking through this natural gem’s multiple trails as they relish its native inhabitants including mudskippers, shellfish, crabs, otters, water snakes, spiders and monitor lizards

In short, the reserves variety makes it one of the Singapore’s most fulfilling natural spots.

10. The Abandoned Reservoir On Keppel Hill

Attention to all explorers because this is a hidden gem that not many people know of. Located near Mount Faber Station, it’s a place to explore for all nature lovers as well.

From the rare building materials used to the alluring body of water which still retains its filtration system, the reservoir is history rich and mythical.

The slippery terrain and overgrown heavy foliage make exploring the place challenging though enjoyable.

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11. Coney Island Park

Another bird watchers favorite, Coney Island Park is home to countless habitats from coastal forests, mangroves and grasslands.

It also hosts plenty of fauna and flora – including the elusive- its its rustic setting.

This bio-diversity makes it attractive to over 80 species of lovely birds led by the dominant male Baya Weavers who seem to have a time of their life flying through the deep forest canopies.

Like elsewhere, one can book for a guided family tour in the park. Cycling is also a popular sport at Coney Island due to its spacious roads. However, do remember to bring insect repellents to drive away mosquitoes when you’re here.

12. Pulau Ubin

The peculiarity and the glamour of Pulau Ubin give it a special place in the hearts of its guests.

The island retains its unspoiled and authentic through and through, right down to its wildlife.

The abandoned quarries reminds visitors of its tradition as the home of the once thriving granite quarrying industry while the mynas and other wildlife are a clear sign that its enjoying its new life. Nature lovers flood here especially on weekends as they are attracted by its rich flora and fauna.

13. Windsor Nature Park

For individuals looking for adventure on specially curated trails, the Windsor Nature Park offer the Hanguana Trail and its equal, the Drongo Trail.

The Hanguana Trail has rare native plants which looks sensational against its dense canopied background. Its Drongo Trail offers a sub-canopy walk which permit visitors to site other fauna found the shade of the regenerating secondary forest.

There’s also a marsh habitat plus several freshwater streams along the new boardwalks.

Windsor is also a beloved due to its foliage  and spread of splattering of wildlife camouflaging under the tropical trees.


Singapore is a place that is spoiled for choice when it comes to adventure, nature, hiking and recharging. The tens of smashing islands, nature trails caters for all age-groups and parks with exciting activities are all fantastic for recreation.

Well, if you are looking for an adventure or a chance to recharge and unwind, why not choose one of the routes above and get started?

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